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  Why become a Liveryman?

Livery admission
There are no 'typical' Liverymen and the Company prides itself on a wide diversity of members. What binds us together is the desire to give something back to society and, in particular, to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. This bond is common to all our Liverymen, whether they are successful thought leaders and decision makers, or whether they have the energy and enthusiasm of youth and are still shaping their careers. The combination of diversity and the wish to help others enables the Company to deliver its educational and charitable aims, whilst enjoying the fellowship of like-minded people in a convivial atmosphere.

Something for everyone

BrochureLevels of involvement and attendance at events are far from onerous and will suit the professional, family, or other commitments we all have. The variety of activities means that you will find something interesting and engaging in which to become involved. Many of our activities provide the opportunity to mix with other Livery Companies and to access a wide cross section of the City professional and business community.

The Company celebrates the best of history and tradition, but goes about its work in a modern and efficient way in order to meet the requirements of its business plan.

Click here to view or download the WCCS Livery brochure

How to become a Member

Livery admission

First, talk to a Liveryman whom you know – he or she will explain more about the Livery and its aims and point you in the direction of the Clerk who will set out the necessary process for election. You will need a Proposer and one or two Seconders from the Company. You will have a brief informal interview with someone from the Elections Committee who must recommend candidates to the Court of Assistants. When this is approved, the Clerk will grant you the Freedom of the Livery Company.

Following admission to the Freedom, and before you may be admitted to the Livery, you will need to become a Freeman of the City of London. With the Company as your sponsor, this will be a formality and the Clerk will brief you fully at the time.

Armed then with both the Freedom of the City and that of the Company, you are admitted as a full Liveryman at the next Court meeting. From application to admission the process should not take more than 4 months.

An Alternative Route

For those interested in joining the Company who do not already know any of our Liveryman, the Company has recently initiated a new status known as "Friend of the Company". In essence, this is a temporary membership but with a potential route to becoming a full Liveryman. This scheme would allow an approved candidate to join as "a Friend" on a temporary 12 month basis but with the possibility of becoming a full member thereafter subject to going through the normal election procedures – further details of this scheme can be obtained from the Clerk.

For further information please contact the Clerk by e-mail.

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