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  The City of London Lord Mayor and Sheriffs

MB As a Liveryman you have the opportunity to vote for both the Lord Mayor and also for the Sheriffs of the City of London. The Lord Mayor is elected by Common Hall, a meeting of all Liverymen of the City's Livery Companies. Common Hall meets at Guildhall on Michaelmas Day (29 September). Voting is by show of hands. The Clerk to the Livery Company will advise of when to apply for free tickets to give Liverymen admission. Two Sheriffs are selected annually by Common Hall, which meets on Midsummer's Day (21 June) for the purpose. Again the Clerk will make arrangements. Both elections are an opportunity to get together with Liverymen.

As a Liveryman The Lord Mayor of London's principal role today is as ambassador for all UK-based financial and professional services. In 2010/11 a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors, Michael Bear, was elected Lord Mayor.

The Lord Mayor is elected on an annual basis for a one-year term in office. The position is unpaid and apolitical. The Lord Mayor spends some 90 days promoting the City abroad and also makes a number of business-focused visits to different parts of the UK. He addresses in the region of 10,000 people each month, making around 700 speeches in the year. The Lord Mayor also hosts a large number of visits by important foreign, political and business figures. Another key aspect of the Lord Mayor's role is to advise the Government on the views of City businesses. The Lord Mayor also supports the City of London's other responsibilities, from providing services to the local community, to maintaining parks and museums, and other arts venues both in the City and around London more widely. The City also supports a number of schools in neighbouring boroughs. Each year the Lord Mayor runs a charitable Appeal.

The new Lord Mayor takes part in one of the most ancient and colourful of London's traditions, the Lord Mayor's Show. The day before the Lord Mayor's Show the Lord Mayor is sworn in at a ceremony known as the "Silent Ceremony" because, aside from a short declaration by the incoming Lord Mayor, no speeches are made. At Guildhall, the outgoing Lord Mayor transfers the mayoral insignia – the Seal, the Purse, the Sword and the Mace – to the incoming Lord Mayor.

Sheriffs & Aldermen 2008/09 –
George Gillon FRICS CC and
Alderman Roger Gifford

George Gillon, past Master of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors, Ward of Cordwainer, was Sheriff of the City of London 2008/2009. [download pdf profile]

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