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  Fundraising Targets and Activities 2014–2016

Following tremendous fundraising success over the past few years, and conscious that Liverymen may be suffering from charity fatigue, the aim of the 2014-15 year isto align the fundraising proposals to the needs of the Charitable Board.


Along with great fellowship, a major tenet of being a Liveryman is to commit to charitable giving through personal giving, encouraging others to give and supporting the Livery's Fund Raising initiatives.

The Fundraising Committee liaises closely with the Charitable Board in order to focus on the specific needs supported by our Livery Company.

Chairman Tony Joyce
Committee Ralph Charlwood
David Mann
Simon Camomile
Digby Flower
John Woodman
Giles Godbold


In the 2014/2015 year it is the aim of the Fundraising Committee to raise a sum in the range of £85,000 - £90,000.

  1. TowerAthlon
    The total sum raised by the TowerAthlon in partnership with LandAid was in excess of £50,000 of which the Charitable Trust receives 50% (£25,000).

  2. Football Quiz
    Liveryman Ralph Charlwood has run with the ball (pun intended) on this initiative for a number of years. It is a very popular event with some excellent auction lots to be bid for.
    Our target is to raise £15,000.

  3. Property Marketing Awards
    Liveryman Colin Peacock once again is championing the Property Marketing Awards event which is in its 23rd year and has grown from strength to strength. It is run in conjunction with the Estates Gazette and is fiercely combatted to win the prestigious trophies.
    Our target is to raise in excess of £10,000.

  4. Comedy Lunch
    Again Liveryman Ralph Charlwood has taken the baton and has come up with an innovative proposal to run a Comedy Lunch.
    We are confident that such an event could raise as much as £5,000.

  5. Gift Aid Declaration
    Our best estimate of Gift Aid this year together with donations from Liverymen is in the region of £30,000.

  6. Property Gig
    Organised by GVA a group of property related professionals are putting on an event with the aim of raising £800-£1,000.

  7. Carol Service
    Each year the Company has a carol service at St Lawrence Jewry (by the Guildhall) where we have a collection which has historically raised about £1000.

Fundraising Ideas for 2015/2016

We are only in the planning stages for next year's Fundraising Programme. Ideas include the following:

1. Livery Quiz Night
2. New Members' Cocktail Party
3. Livery Foundation Partners donations
4. Inter Livery Swimathon
5. Cycling/Triathlon event
6. Clay Shoot
7. Towerrun with LandAid (under review)
8. PMA
9. Football Quiz
10. Comedy Lunch (under review)

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