Treloar’s Open Day – 17.10.2017


My third visit to Treloar’s but this time accompanied by Robin Broadhurst, Keith Knowles, Brian Lamden, Alistair Subba Row and Amanda and Caroline. It was an open day for supporters generally but had also been opened up especially for our Company to allow liverymen to learn more about our 40th anniversary charity appeal this year. We were invited into a Maths class, a workshop for a Treloar’s adaption of The Tempest and an Art lesson. It was fantastic to see how well the children were responding to the stimulus of learning and the application of a philosophy of focussing on what they can do rather than what they cannot.

The construction of the coach is now well underway and there was a meeting going on with the supplier when we were there.  They are looking to take delivery in January.  The gratitude for our gift is overwhelming.

The response from the Livery to the 40th anniversary appeal has been fantastic with some 110 donations to date.  It would be great to get a few more before the official end of the appeal on 26th October!


Visit to Central School of Ballet- 12.10.2017

Another fantastic evening at the Central School of Ballet where we were treated to a demonstration of the work from Year 3 students and then extracts from the Nutcracker Suite, Cinderella and a piece of work choreographed by one of the students. Please make a note in your diary to attend the event next year.  It is one of the highlights of our programme and the support we give to help students in need is really appreciated.  The school is incredibly hospitable and the students a delight to talk to.



University College of Estate Management Prize Giving Lunch – 12.10.2017


I attended the lunch wearing my chairman of the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust  hat.  UCEM are our key delivery partners on apprenticeships organised by CSTT.  However given we were in the Haberdashers Hall and the room was well represented by our liverymen including several past masters it did also feel a bit of a livery event too!  Congratulations to the award winners and to UCEM for organising a very enjoyable occasion.


Livery Financial Services Group – 11.10.2017



The Financial Services Group of Livery Companies aims to support the Lord Mayor in his overseas visits, his meetings in the City with overseas delegations, and his role of promoting “the City” brand of UK financial and other business services.  It was established in 2006 by 12 modern companies: the Solicitors, Accountants, Tax Advisors, Information Technologists, Management Consultants, Marketors, Chartered Secretaries, International Bankers, World Traders, Actuaries, Insurers and Arbitrators.

Our application to join this group was approved by the FSG and all the respective Courts of the members during the year and yesterday was the first meeting with the Chartered Surveyors as members.  We had a presentation on world trade and gave a briefing to Lord Mayor elect, Charles Bowman.



Is Brexit the new millennium bug? – lecture sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Marketors – 10.10.2017


David Haigh, a liveryman of the Marketeers, gave an interesting and entertaining talk hosted by Investec at their offices in Gresham Street. David is the CEO and founder of Brand Finance plc, the pioneering global brand and business valuation consultancy. He is an big Brexiteer. In his view the road ahead was good if we grabbed the opportunity and the worries from the remainers will turn out to have as much validity as those concerns over the famous millennium bug that never was. Not sure he converted a heavily remain voting audience but it was a fun evening!


Opening of trading at the London Stock Exchange – 05.10.2017


Caroline and I accepted an invitation from the Lady Mayoress to watch  her opening the trading day at the London Stock Exchange. A very early start was rewarded with the opportunity not only to see the count down and start of business but also to see some of the LSE treasures and to hear a recital from the head flautist of the London Symphony Orchestra.  Also another opportunity to catch up with two other Masters that were present.


Zen Master makes debut at Southwell – 03.10.2017


The first runner of the WCCS racing club made its debut appearance at Southwell in a competitive 2 mile hurdle.  Zen Master ran very well making the frame in third place.  I have two of the 20 shares in our club’s  ownership of a share in the 25 Club available at £500 each with no other costs until next season.  The next of the 4  horses in action is likely to be The Ogle Gogle Man.


Duke of Gloucester Award 2017 – Worshipful Company of Masons – 04.10.2017



I represented the Company along with other construction related companies at a prize giving for some very talented young stone masons.  The awards were presented by the Duke of Gloucester who is also a liveryman of the Mason’s Company. It was held in the magnificent setting of St Bartholomew the Great in West Smithfield,  the oldest church in London  founded in 1123 as an Augustinian monastery.


Art in the City – The Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers – 03.12.2017


I was invited to a private viewing of an art display promoted by the Painters’ Decorative and Fine Art Society.  It was held at the Painter-Stainers Hall just off Queen Victoria Street.  Some beautiful paintings on display and another chance to catch up with a few other Masters.


Committee Meetings – 03.10.2017

The last of my committee meetings as Master  have now taken place.  Our committee chairs and  members have given up a lot of their time on behalf of the Company and have been a huge help and support to me in my year in office.  They have achieved considerable success with  ensuring good governance, delivering our education initiatives, managing our largest ever programme of charitable giving, fund raising, attracting new members and organising a programme of enjoyable and varied events.  The business plan group has also come up with a challenging and exciting framework on which to take the Company forward in future years.  Thank you on behalf of the wider livery to all who have been involved.


City Architectural Forum Dinner – 02.10.2017

I attended this dinner as a guest of TP Bennett and mention that I did so by virtue of the fact that the guest speaker was Lord Mayor elect and architecture graduate — Alderman Charles Bowman.

Charles said he would champion a Brexit that works for City businesses and communities and would be speaking to government to ensure this happens. He wants to see mutual access to EU markets continue, ensure early agreement on a transitional deal, and make sure we continue to allow the brightest and best to find jobs in the UK.

A particular theme of  Mayoralty will be the fact that he believes we need to do more to demonstrate the value and integrity of the City to the public. During his year in office, through the ‘Business of Trust’ programme, he will be challenging business to raise its game — better business trusted by society.


Election of the Lord Mayor – 29.09.2017

The Lord Mayor is elected at Common Hall each year on Michaelmas, and takes office on the Friday before the second Saturday in November, at The Silent Ceremony.

Electing the Lord Mayor is a right that was granted to the Liverymen of the City of London by King John in the Magna Carta of 1215. The Lord Mayor was first appointed by King Richard I in 1189 but the City of London won the right to elect him themselves and it is one of only three clauses of Magna Carta that are still extant.

With all the other Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiff I attended the Guild Church of St Lawrence Jewry for a service prior to the election. We then processed  into Guildhall to take our places at the front of the hall below the Hustings.

The qualification to stand for election is that one must have served as a City Sheriff and be a current Alderman. Since 1385, prior service as Sheriff has been mandatory for election to the Lord Mayoralty. By an ordinance of 1435, the Lord Mayor must be chosen from amongst the Aldermen of the City of London.After due process and staged ceremony, Alderman Charles Bowman, Grocer and a partner of PWC, was elected.


Mayfair Capital Quiz night in aid of our 40th Anniversary Appeal – 28.09.2017

Mayfair Capital, where I am a non executive director, kindly agreed to make our Treloar’sappeal the centre piece of their annual  charity fund raising quiz evening.  We had a fantastic night which started with an emotional presentation by Treloar’s on the school and then a personal one from the BBC Foreign Correspondent, Humphrey Hawksley who has a child at Treloar’s.  The quiz was won by Forsters but not before some brisk auction bidding encouraged by the talents of auctioneer Chris Mills.  The Company was represented by Caroline and I, Simon Camamile and friends, David Jinks and Ralph Charlwood.  Overall thanks to the generosity of those present we raised around £15,000.


Meeting with the Lord Mayor – 28.09.2017


Amanda, our Clerk, Caroline and I were invited by the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress to the Mansion House  for a private audience as a mark of the City’s gratitude for the Company’s donation to Treloar’s.  We enjoyed a glass of champagne before it was time to head off for some fund raising for the Mayfair Capital quiz at the Lansdowne Club.


Honourable Company of Air Pilots’ lecture – 27.09.2017

I attended the annual Sir Frederick Tymms Memorial Lecture at 4 Hamilton Place. The lecture was given by Air Marshal Greg Bagwell CB CBE on Air Power – Today and the Future.

The Company became a Livery Company in 1956, the 81st Livery Company to be formed.


The Lord Mayor’s 30th Dragon Awards – Mansion House – 26.09.2017



I had a quick return visit to the Mansion House to represent the Company at the Dragon Awards.

The awards were founded in 1987 by the then Lord Mayor, Sir David Rowe-Ham. They were the first of their kind in the UK, and remain the only London-wide scheme that recognises Corporate Community Involvement. Since the first Awards, over 130 Dragon Awards have been given to companies ranging from small local enterprises, to large multi-national businesses.

The name and the Award statuettes are based on the dragons that have guarded to gates to the City of London for centuries. These dragons can also be found on the City of London’s coat of arms.

It was really interesting to see how many companies were making significant positive social impacts with their programmes.  Winners included PWC, UBS and Arsenal Football Club.


Charity Committee meeting – 26.09.2017

We are in the middle of our committee meeting cycle ahead of the Court meeting on 26th October. Yesterday was the Charity Committee meeting at which we discussed, inter alia, fund raising plans for next year. Our strategy is to run 6 events each year from which we would hope to raise the majority of our funds to support our giving. These will include long established events such as PMA and possibly a new one each year. It is the intention that the events will help us reach out to the wider property community to improve the awareness of the Company and ensure we are not drawing on the generosity of the same people each time.

The idea is to form a committee around each event which we would hope to run for several years until the event reaches its sell by date. Alistair Subba Row is master minding our strategy and if anyone wants to join one of the fund raising groups please get in touch with the Clerk and she will put you in touch.


Robin Bishop – 25.09.2017

It is with great sadness that we have been notified by Robin’s family that he passed away on 22nd September.  Robin was a Liveryman from the very beginning of the Company.  We were in correspondence earlier in the year remembering the Drivers Jonas days where I started my career at the time he was senior partner.  A lovely man who will be missed by the many friends he made in the profession.


Treloar’s 40th Anniversary Appeal Update – 25.09.2017


Over 100 hundred of the members of the Livery have now responded to the 40th Anniversary fund raising appeal donating some £35,000 before gift aid.  A huge thank you for this incredible support.  We will close the appeal on 26th October so if you are thinking of  giving there is still time to do so.  Treloar’s will be taking delivery of the new coach we have helped fund in January 2018.


WCCS Racing Club Stable Visit – 24.09.2017

The first social event of the newly formed WCCS Racing Club was a very enjoyable visit to Charlie Mann’s stables in Upper Lambourn. The Club has purchased one of 25 shares in the 25 Club which owns 4 national hunt horses in training with Charlie.

Each of the 4 horses was paraded in front of us. The Ogle Goggle Man was first up followed by Zen Master,Lion Dancer and then the mare, Welcome Polly. All were looking fit and healthy and are expected to be on the race course shortly. Zen Master is probably going to be the first one to make his debut.Following the parade we had a guided tour of the stables and met some of the stable stars. We finished with a fantastic pub Sunday lunch at a racing pub down the road.

Our membership is capped at 20 and we are close to that limit. If any one is interested in joining for an all in £500 that includes a share in the ownership of the horses and their prize money then please contactthe Clerk, who is our Racing Club secretary.





Clockwise from top left- Ogle Gogle Man, Zen Master, Lion Dancer and Welcome Polly


Treloars’ fund raising dinner at Mansion House – 21.09.2017




I took a table at the dinner organised by Past Master Roger Southam who is also a Trustee of Treloar’s.  Our Livery was represented by Amanda Jackson, Ken Morgan and Master elect Tony Joyce as well as myself and Caroline.  

We enjoyed a moving musical recital from some of the pupils  with plenty of audience participation and actions.  Not the forte of the Master but right up the street of his wife!  After brisk bidding in a silent auction and an auction proper the evening raised a total of £75,000 towards some new technology equipment.  Our Company was also singled out in the Lord Mayor’s speech for our donation to the  Treloar’s coach appeal.  


Worshipful Company of Fuellers – Lord Ezra Memorial Lecture – 20.09.2017

I attended a fascinating lecture given by Lord Deben, better known as the former Conservative Minister John Gummer. Lord Deben is the Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change and spoke to an audience largely from the fossil fuel industries.

The motto of the Fuellers is In carbone robur nostrum (Our Strength is in carbon). The Fuellers’ origins can be traced back to the Woodmongers in the 14th Century but their modern membership now incorporates coal, oil, nuclear, gas, electricity and renewable energy industries.

Lord Deben  made some interesting comments on how the cost of offshore wind energy had fallen to be competitive with nuclear. He stressed the opportunities lay in carbon capture and storage for the gas industry and threw down a challenge to the house builders who he said were still producing low quality energy efficient homes. He also showed a masterful grasp of his brief during a wide ranging question and answer session.



Sea Cadets Reception at Saddlers’ Hall – 19.09.2017

I attended a reception  at the Saddlers’ Hall at which the Company  was well represented with Tony Joyce, Master Elect and Past Master Lawrence Johnstone also present. We really value our connection with the Newham Sea Cadets who honoured us with their presence at our Spring Dinner at the Fishmongers’ Hall.

The Sea Cadets offers young people across the UK amazing opportunities for personal development — by learning new skills and working in teams and offering an environment where young people find new confidence and inspiration.

Established in 1856 the Sea Cadets was created by communities wanting to give young people instruction on a naval theme. Traditionally old seafarers provided training while local businessmen funded the unit building.

Today, 14,000 young people based in 400 units in towns, cities and ports across the UK are challenging themselves and developing new skills, like sailing, boating and rock climbing —  supported by 9,000 volunteers.


Worshipful Company of Farmers Masters and Clerks’ lunch – 18.09.2017

The Farmers put on a fantastic lunch at the Fletchers and Farmers Hall with many Companies represented.  Their senior warden is a Chartered Surveyor.

  The speech from the head of farming at HSBC was very interesting and highlighted the global challenge for the food industry given population growth trends in areas of the world that already cannot feed themselves without imports.  The risks of Brexit to our own food industry was highlighted given our own dependence on imports.


Modern Livery Companies’ dinner – 11.09.2017


It was the turn of the World Traders’ Company to host the latest modern livery companies’ dinner held at the Wax Chandlers Hall. Located in the Foster Lane Conservation Area, the current brick and granite styled building is the sixth design of the Hall on the same site since 1501.

Modern Companies are so called because they came into being from the twentieth century onwards. After the Fan Makers were granted their Livery in 1809 no new Companies were formed for over a  100 years until the Master Mariners in 1926. 



Social visit to the Phantom of the Opera – 06.09.2017


Around 30 liverymen and guests attended a fantastic production of Phantom of the Opera. When I first saw the show 30 years ago it was clear it had raised the bar of West End entertainment. All this time later it is still the benchmark and drew a standing ovation across the theatre.

The seeds of the evening were sown at my installation dinner when we had a Phantom song during the musical interlude.  Special thanks to  Laurence Johnstone whose superb organisational skills got us  the best seats for a fantastic price and also to Simon Camamile for arranging for pre theatre drinks and nibbles at the East India Club.



Bloomsbury Walk – 29.08.2017

Author and historian Carol Harris  led a small group of liverymen and friends on a history walking tour in Bloomsbury.  The talk focused on the history of the Foundling Hospital and the development of 56 acres of unwanted farmland into one of the most desirable parts of Georgian London.  We heard about Thomas Coram and famous architects, surveyors and builders, including Cockerell, Burton and Nash and how the Georgians (including FH governors) created Bloomsbury.  

Later the Foundling Hospital left London then came back and is now known as Coram (it remains Britain’s oldest children’s charity).

We walked down the first pedestrian retail street in London (Woburn Street) and finished the evening at a local wine bar for well earned drinks and nibbles.  A big thank you to Helen Pickstock for organising a really fun evening.




Visit to HMS Echo – 25.08.2017

On 25 August a small group of Liverymen which included the Master Elect Tony Joyce joined the company of our affiliated RN ship HMS Echo for the final leg of her current tour of duty. Unfortunately I was not able to attend and would like to thank Laurence Johnstone for leading our small delegation on board.

An offshore passage from Devonport (Plymouth) to Falmouth ensured that our group gained at first hand an appreciation of nautical skills as well as an insight into some of the important but challenging work which Echo has recently undertaken in the Mediterranean. The ship has been at the centre of efforts to rescue refugees from the sea recovering over 6000 people.

Highlights of the day included firefighting and weaponry demonstrations, two dolphin-school sightings and also our own team being invited to present awards to three members of the ship’s company. It is very clear our support to Echo is hugely valued by the Ship’s company.




Brigantes Breakfast: City of London Liverymen in the north – 26.07.2017

The Brigantes Breakfast is a lunch held for liverymen from the north with the venue alternating between Lancashire and Yorkshire.  Southerners are also invited!

It is called  the Brigantes, after the ancient Celtic tribe that existed in northern England before, and during the Roman invasion of Britain. The Brigantes occupied an area stretching from Liverpool to Hull, taking in much of what we now know as Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and the north east, and was centred in Yorkshire. Over 1,200 Liverymen from the same northern areas are connected with the current City Liveries.  

This year the event was held in Liverpool at the famous St George’s Hall.  The journey up was made all the more pleasurable by the company of past master Jenna Davies who was in top form.  She spent a lot of time talking to strange men in the carriage whilst I was doing a conference call!  

The event was packed out.  Toasts were given by Adrian Waddingham (past sheriff) with a response from the Lord Mayor of London.  The event was hosted by the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside, Dame Lorna Muirhead DCVO DBE.


40th Anniversary Appeal and visit to Treloars


Thank you again to everyone who has so far donated to the appeal.  We are about a quarter of the way to the target.  One liveryman who has donated mentioned a family member attended Treloars in the 1960s and she still looks back on that as a life changing experience and the foundation of their ability to get a job and have independent living.  Things are always closer to home than you might think.

We have a visit to Treloars organised for 17th October details of which Amanda has circulated.   Numbers are limited but we do still have some spaces.  Please contact her if you are interested.


Congratulations to Past Master Delva Patman

Congratulations to Delva for serving an incredible 15 years as Hon Air Cmdre 7010 Squadron. Her final 3rd term of office comes to an end in November but she will continue her RAF Reserve links having been appointed Air Cmdre Hon Group Captain of 601 Squadron. Delva initiated the Company’s links with 7010 some 20 years ago.


Presentation of the Lion Heart award at Central Foundation Girl’s School – 19.07.2017


Central Foundation is one of the 4 schools the Company supports. It is located in Bow but has an interesting history being originally located in the City. I attended with Amanda the annual prize giving at which the Company presents an award to a pupil that has excelled in overcoming adversity.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon and a school that is clearly doing well despite some significant challenges in the community it serves.  The winner of our prize was Melanie.  When you hear why she won it brings tears to your eyes.  It is supporting young people like her that makes everything we do so worthwhile.


Worshipful Company of Marketors’ Banquet – 17.07.2017


I attended  a white tie banquet held at Mansion House in the presence of the Lord Mayor.  It was a traditional livery dinner with all the bells and whistles. A hugely enjoyable evening with the usual entertaining speech from the Lord Mayor. A privilege to be there.


Endeavour Dinner for 135 Geographic Squadron Royal Engineers – 15.07.2017

I represented the Company at a dinner hosted by our military affiliate 135 Geographic Squadron.  The main purpose of the dinner was to present the Company Endeavour Award to Corporal Hewitt but we also dined out a number of leavers at the same time.  An eventful evening as sandwiched between the dinner was a trip to Epsom Hospital casualty ten minutes down the road from the dinner  to drop off one of my children who had dislocated his finger playing cricket and then picking him up after the dinner had finished!


Education sub-committee – 13.07.2017

Back to some serious business today.  We had a very productive meeting discussing how we can improve the support  to our adopted schools.  The Company is hugely fortunate to have such a dedicated group of people working in the education area led by Clywd Roberts and with the support of Ema Saunders and her team at Savills.


Worshipful Company of Carmen Cart Marking Ceremony – 12.07.2017


This year the Carmen were celebrating their 500th anniversary. The annual Cart Marking Ceremony took place in Guildhall Yard with a record 56 vehicles marked between the Master Carmen, Marsha Rae Ratcliff OBE, The Rt.Hon The Lord Mayor of London Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley and the Master Glover Jonathan Crossman MBE.  The vehicles marked were both horse drawn and motor powered.  

They included the famous Dad’s army van of Corporal Jones.


Cart marking goes back hundreds of years and was effectively an early form of road licence.  In the City it gave rights for Carmen to ply their trade of moving goods around conditional on clearing up the mess their horse drawn carts left behind!

A lunch  was held after in the Great Hall where I joined 655 other people.


Crazy For You – 11.07.2017


WOW!  One of the highlights of the year and very pleased to be able to  share it with a number of liverymen and friends.  We attended  a gala dinner in the Barbican and then a performance by the final year at the Guildhall School of Music of the famous George Gershwin musical Crazy for You.  This must be right at the top of the best amateur dramatic shows with the cast days away from embarking on professional singing and theatre careers.  A fantastic evening.




The Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund AGM and reception – 10.07.2017

I attended this event held at the Old Bailey. A fund was established in 1808 by the two sheriffs, appalled by conditions in Newgate prison, to help the families of the prisoners. In 1931 the fund merged with a fund set up by the Recorder to help offenders released on probation. Today, funded by Livery Companies, individuals and City institutions, the SRF performs a crucial role in helping to reduce reoffending by making a number of grants to help the rehabilitation of released prisoners.


The Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects Election Court Dinner – 05.07.2017

I attended as a guest of Richard Brindley, the Master. The dinner was held in Florence Hall at the RIBA headquarters in Portland Place. A rare excursion outside the City and a nice change.

The Company award a prize for the City Building of the Year. Two buildings were singled out — Angel Court (Stanhope/Mitsui Fudosan) and the winner 8 Finsbury Circus (Stanhope/Mitsubishi). It was great to see an old friend Paul Lewis of Stanhope laden down with prizes!


Elections Court Meeting – 04.07.2017

We held our Election Court meeting at the Armourers and Brasiers’ Hall.

The Armourers & Brasiers’ Company was founded in 1322 as the Guild of St George of the Armourers, it was awarded its first Royal Charter in 1453 from King Henry VI. In 1708 the Armourers joined with the Brasiers and the Worshipful Company of Armourers & Brasiers received its current charter from Queen Anne.

The Company has occupied its current site since 1346. The present Armourers’ Hall was built in 1839 and re-modelled in 1872. It is a Grade 2* listed building and a scheduled ancient monument.

Sadly Daniel Carter, the senior warden, has had to step down for business reasons. Daniel has been a huge servant to the Company and the Court expressed their thanks for all he has done. On a personal level Daniel has been a great support to me for which I am especially grateful. The Court elected Tony Joyce as the next Master, Digby Flower as senior warden, John Woodman as junior warden and Ken Morgan to fill a new role of Renter Warden.

5 new members were elected to the Court: Antonia Belcher, Hugh Bullock, Amanda Clack, James Gillett and James Young.

The evening concluded with a small dinner to include two new sworn in liverymen — Alison McDonald and Gary McNamara.