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Archbishop Tenison Careers Day

John Fenner once again organised a most successful day at Archbishop Tenison School. On 17 July over 30 volunteers from WCCS, Tesco’s, Barclays Bank and Mitre were at the school to provide interview practice to year 10 (15 year olds). There were over 80 boys, who were given 4 job specifications to choose from ranging from working in a bar at Kings Cross to being a shop assistant in a big store – maybe Tesco.

The interviews were carried out in pairs and the boys were asked to prepare a person swot analysis and were put through a mock interview, with the interviewers giving feedback and asking the boys what their plans are for the future.

It was quite a challenge to bridge the age gap for some of us and find points of common interest – not being a football fan myself and knowing even less about rap music – and to explain the working world to such inexperienced young people. But the boys are aspirational and the most charming part of the day is to listen to their ideas and realise that in spite of all the hurdles ahead of them – their still view the world as their oyster.

John and my thanks go to all those who attended on the day, including The Junior Warden, the Clerk, Clwyd Roberts, Duncan Moss, Michael Soames, William Wilson (my son) and all those others who helped on the day.


Livery Music Concert

On Sunday the 15th July the Clerk, the Junior Warden and her husband and I attended the Livery Music Concert at the Barbican to hear the London Symphony Orchestra. The Concert was organised by the Musicians company and was attended by many of the Livery Masters and the Lord Mayor.

The concert, conducted by Valery Geriev, included music by Debussy and Stravinsky and Le temps l’horloge (Time and the clock), composed by  Dutilleux for the soprano  Renée Fleming, who sang at the Diamond Jubilee BBC Concert .

A wonderful evening of music and song.


Company Sailing Day

Livery Sailing Day
On Monday the 2nd July, lead by John Woodman a group of intrepid sailors took to the high seas for the Livery sailing day, the weather was in keeping with the rest of this summer, high winds, pouring rain and rough seas. The company had chartered two Sunsail F40 yachts, which are streamlined for racing, the competitive spirit was in evidence from the out set, with the Masters boat challenging Past Master Johnston’s crew to a whisk around the Solent .
The first hour out was marked by the Masters boat losing the spinnaker in the water and a man over board exercise that required the combined skills of Richard Wilson and John Woodman hanging over the side to capture the sail before it sank to the bottom.
After 3 hotly contested races, the Masters boat was declared the winner due to some crafty tactics and a lot of shouting about ‘Water’.

The crews included
Boat 1 Past Masters Boat
Laurence Johnstone
Mark Lacey
Brian Lamden
Rick Lewis
Robert Stiles
Trevor Saunders
Chris Thwaites
John Townsend
Howard Woollaston
Vanessa Clarke

Boat 2 The Masters Boat
James Dunlop
Ann Heywood
Walter Love
Bill Mellstrom
Howard Roddis
Julian Smith
Mickola Wilson
Richard Wilson
John Woodman
Simon Wooller


The Innholders Dinner

The dinner was held on 3 July at the ancient Innholders Hall, just near Cannon Street Station, a truly traditional dinner with beautiful singing from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The Master Ian White is a Chartered Surveyor and described the evening as his nemesis as it completed a long and happy career in the City.


PMA Awards Evening

Co hosted with the Estates Gazette this was the 20th year of the Property Marketing Awards, which seeks to raise the standard of marketing material within the property industry. The net proceeds go to the Livery Charitable Trust and this year the event was held at the swish Soho Hotel and the prizes were given by Jason Leonard, the many capped international rugby prop forward. Sponsors included GVA, Malcom Hollis and Tricorn.

The entries were of a very high standard, but the out and out winners were the Candy and Candy team, who won the Victor Ludorum as well as four other classes with their stunning entries, although a special mention must also be made of the Shard web site — have a look for yourselves at this amazing peice of marketing material.

The Candy and Candy team with the Master and rugby international Jason Leonard -the skinny one on the right