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Royal Garden Party – 30 May 2013

A very pleasant way to spend my eldest 24th birthday.  The Master Fan Maker organised lunch at the Oriental Club for 7 of the Masters attending, and from there we journeyed to the Palace.  The Garden Party being attended by the Queen, Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew with Eugenie and Beatrice.  A splendid day rounded off with a birthday supper at the Goring. Having my 2 daughters attend along with Roberta and I made it all the more special.


Guildhall School of Music competition – 29 May 2013

A fantastic evening of jazz by 4 talented ensembles which entertained and wowed the audience.  We had a good crowd for the competition and the winner’s, chosen by Simon Pullen, was selected on the skill and aptitude whilst the audience vote went to the group with high energy.  Supper was taken at Farmers
& Fletchers Hall and gave a great opportunity to mix with the performers and tutors.


‘Jailed & Bailed’ for British Red Cross – 29 May 2013

A great fun event which saw a record number of Masters arrested in the Mansion House while enjoying coffee with the Lay Sherriff for spurious charges.  I was arrested for over emotional outpouring of love to my fiancé in asking for her  and in marriage!  We were shipped off to the Tower by vintage bus under armed  guard of the City of London Police.  We were then escorted into the Tower by
Yeoman with pike and axe.  We were held in custody and supplied basic vitals until our bails were paid.  A very good cause and worthwhile event and great fun.  Although some bemused tourists just snapping photos – goodness knows where we will end up on Facebook!!!!!!


Big Curry Lunch round up reception – 22 May 2013

A short round up of this year’s lunch and to hear the fantastic news that they have got over the £1m barrier in 6 years!


Surveyors Freeman Group lunch meeting – 22 May 2013

Spoke at lunch meeting for Freeman Group and went through history of Livery, Company and what we do.  Need to market activity to Freeman on what we do and join up on diaries. Also interest in re-launching Focus on Changing City seminar and co organising.


City of London Freemen’s School Lunch – 21 May 2013

A very pleasant lunch at Guildhall private dining rooms hearing more on the activities of Freemans School and their plans.


Fishing Day – 20 May 2013

From being a piscatorial virgin I have finished the day at Avon Springs
Fishery a fully-fledged fly fisherman!  A very enjoyable day in the company of 20 fisherman ably organised by David Marsh and I was generously tutored by Past Master Michael Baker.  After a cold frustrating morning with no bites while others were pulling in fish a plenty, I was generously assisted by Philip Hunt who cast for me and allowed me to catch my first fish and then buoyed by that I set about casting and catching my second!  They now sit gutted and waiting my culinary skills.  A big thank you to the generosity of the all but particularly Michael for the loan of his rod and his tutorial in casting.


Football Quiz – 16 May 2013

A fantastic evening organised by Ralph Charlwood which has raised around
£15,000 for CSTT.  Hosted by Mark Lawrenson and Ray Stubbs it was a truly gala football evening enjoyed by all.  Although I have to say being told by Lawrenson to the room I look like Harry Redknapp’s brother will not be a
highlight of the year!


Prince Arthur Cup – 16 May 2013

For those that don’t know this is the largest amateur one day competition all competing for same trophy.  Played at Walton Heath with 240 golfers hacking and slicing their way round.   A truly dreadful performance from the Surveyors Team where a 2 inch put wasn’t a certainty!!!!!!  Although two of the team had only got back from Portugal at 1am on the morning.  Will we be in next year, we wait with interest!


Constructors Lecture – 15 May 2013

A fascinating lecture from a director of HS2 company that set out clearly the benefits and the how’s and what’s for it to happen.  The amount of rhetoric in the media at present could probably do with a bit more of a balanced perspective in our papers – but that may not encourage readership!


Festival of the Sons of the Clergy – 14 May 2013

The 359th festival to celebrate the work of a charity that supports Clergy fallen on hard times.  A procession of majority of Masters leading full Clergy and Mayoralty procession added to the occasion.  A very pleasant service with an admirable sermon from the Bishop of Norwich.


Forces Challenge – 10 to 12 May 2013

Well what can we say? The most fantastic, marvellous and memorable weekend in the Company of our three affiliates.  We were hosted aboard HMS Echo for the weekend and looked after in the most generous and warm way by the Ships company and their CO Matt Syrett.  For the first time since we adopted HMS Echo to replace HMS Herald we had our three affiliates together.  We met up in Plymouth with 135 and 7010 aboard Echo.  The wardroom was given over to our disposal and the bar was complimentary to affiliates for the duration – very generous.  Friday evening was free time and the Livery bonded over a curry and we enjoyed the camaraderie of the affiliates when back aboard attempting to drain the ship of liquor!

Saturday was an early start with breakfast at 7am and lunch at 11.30am – some strange timing her Majesty’s Navy has!  We set off to Falmouth and saw first-hand the ship manoeuvrability and capabilities of the Ship.  The morning was spent with a guided tour of the vessel exploring every nook and cranny with no restriction.  I had the delight of being dressed in body army, life jacket and helmet.  After lunch we embarked on the competition which saw the affiliates rotate around activities which included repairing a leak; donning full fire suit and equipment; using fire hoses; donning one time survival suits.  The fire suit and one time survival suits being timed and the basis of the competition.  I am delighted to report that in complete contrast to our previous venture where we came last in everything we managed to win although magnanimously awarded the win to HMS Echo as they piped us by 1 second on the fire suit dressing!  Having got soaking wet and had enormous fun we then enjoyed the delight of seeing the ship dock at Falmouth.  The evening saw us host the affiliates for a dinner at the Falmouth Hotel and prize giving with mutual appreciation.  135 who had won when the affiliates had last been together in 1992 and turned up with the trophy awarded then.  So we have lasting trophy that will look slightly odd with a 20 year gap between competitions.  A fine evening cementing the friendships formed over the weekend.  After the night on the tiles in Falmouth, 7010 had organised for us to be able to look over RFA Lyme Bay which was docked alongside Echo.  Lyme Bay is one of a fleet of auxiliary support vessels which transports equipment and troops.

We departed for our homes mid-morning with great memories and a very successful weekend.

A huge thank you to Mark Larrard who took on the initiative, to Echo for their hospitality and to 7010 and 135 for joining in.

135 have offered to host the next gathering in a couple of years.  If it becomes a regular feature it will only be good for all parties in increasing our understanding and support for each other.


St Bart’s View day – 8 May 2013

The 890th anniversary of the Priory and Hospital, the View day is a tradition going back years and reinforces the link between City and St Barts.  The splendour of the Priory Church and the Great Hall are a delight and provide magnificent surroundings, and tradition to compliment the change of the Hospital into a 21st Century medical facility.


The Distillers’ City Debate – 2 May 2013

What more could you want than an hour’s fascinating debate about the
idiosyncratic craft of gin followed by 10 gins to sample! Very interesting
evening and one enjoyed by all!


Robert Clack Year 12 and 13 Awards – 1 May 2013

A truly inspiring evening spent in the company of the pupils in what we
know as lower and upper 6th form. Some tremendous achievements and whatever happened at Resi Awards last night they cannot have been as rewarding!