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The Sapper Magazine article



Parachute Jump – 7 August 2013

On a pleasant summers day the final 8 of the 12 person Livery crack parachute troop completed the challenge.  All dived out of the plane and all landed safely.  Full gambit of emotion and enjoyment but reaction on reaching terra firma is some would go back up tomorrow for others once is enough!  I won’t put names to the categories that would be mean.  Suffice to say the bonding of the adventure and the money raised surmounts anything – they are all heroes to me.  For me, I just fell out of the plane with some bloke on my back!
Seriously a great experience.  Look out Liz for what David dreams up for next year for you to take part in!  Wise money is on wing walking!!!!!!


Carpenters Installation Court Luncheon – 6 August 2013

Carpenters Hall is delightful and always a pleasure to attend there.  Especially so to welcome the new Master, Martin Mosley into post and to wish the Deputy Master a fond farewell.  A very delightful lunch with good company and pleasant food and first class wine.  A good last luncheon before I jump tomorrow!!!!!!!