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Tuesday 23rd October 2018 – It’s Goodbye from Me and Hello from Him!

My dear fellow Liverymen, an enormous thank you to you all for supporting me so wonderfully in my year as Master. I have been asked many times what are the highlights of my Masters year. Well there have been so many, it’s impossible to say.

The year starts with the Lord Mayor’s Show. All around you are people who you don’t know yet many of these people will become close friends.

The Lord Mayor’s Masters Banquet in the Mansion House is something to behold.

The Old Bailey visits, being accused in the dock by the Sheriff and then sent down, transported to the Tower of London and buying my freedom. Bread and water?.. well not quite Pol Roger and lobster was the fayre in the Tower.

The inter-regimental Polo final at Smiths Lawn, Windsor

The Vintage Port Tasting at the Cavalry & Guards Club, Piccadilly,

The Property Marketing Awards,

The Amazing Grand Union Canal barge trip

Our 600 mile cycle ride, Treloar’s

The fabulous private behind the scenes Ballet Central performance was something to behold,

And of course the Ironbridge weekend with the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs,

Masters and our consorts.

It has been a privilege to serve and I wish Digby, John, Ken and James (subject to due process) equal joy in the years ahead.

Without the incredible support of our Liverymen and especially the Court we could not have continued our charitable giving and our commitment to Education, helping the homeless, supporting our military affiliates, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the Ballet Central. These organisations need our help more than most of us realise.

I would like to thank my wife Polly who has stood beside me throughout the year, never even once complaining, she is a stalwart, but then of course, she is a Chartered Surveyor so we would expect nothing less.

Finally, I would like to thank our clerk Amanda without whom my year would have been disastrous. Whenever I emailed her she instantly responded and sorted stuff out.


Tuesday 16th October 2018 – The Committee Clubs Commercial Property Forum

The Master, Tony Joyce was a guest of Roddy Houston, Deputy Director of the Government Property Agency at the Committee Club Dinner at The Carlton Club, St James’s. The Committee club being one of the oldest elements of the RICS has been established for more than 100 years.

It was with delight for The Master to discover that so many of his fellow Liverymen are members of this illustrious club.

WCCS Liverymen watched over by Disraeli

A complex and sometimes slightly baffling intellectual presentation on Impact Investment was given by Professor Ali Parsa.

A few familiar faces across the table



Monday 15th October 2018 – FSG Schroders Event – Rethinking Reputational Risk

The 13 Livery Companies in the Financial Services Group (FSG) attended a lecture and reception courtesy of Schroders. Thanks to Immediate Past Master William Hill for using his connections to deliver this magnificent venue.

The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor Charles Bowman giving his opening address

Anthony Fitzsimmons delivers a challenging address on the threats to Reputational Risk

Master Upholder Tim Solway, Senior Warden Digby Flower, Master Basketmaker Stephen Gee and Master Chartered Surveyor Tony Joyce

The FSG await the unveiling of the revised WCCS Crest


Sunday 14th October 2018 – Air Combat Power, RAF Coningsby

The Master and Masters Lady, courtesy of Squadron Leader Mark Dover, attended the ACPV, Air Combat Power Lectures, exhibitions and demonstrations at RAF Coningsby.


Past Master Delva Patman and the Master, Tony Joyce


2nd WW Hawker Typhoon

Andy Fennell and Tony Joyce

The RAF explained the role of the Reaper unmanned plane (flown by pilots in remote locations) and the added capabilities of the new Protector unmanned aircraft.





Finally the RAF opened our eyes to the very real threat of cyber attack from space and the activities of satellites, not all of which are necessarily friendly.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is to take on command and control of UK military space operations, including a possible UK-based alternative to the EU’s Galileo satellite constellation.


Saturday 13th October 2018 – Squadron 7010 Intelligence Reserves Reception, Bomber Command, Lincolnshire

The Master and the Masters Lady were privileged to attend our RAF affiliates reception at the new Bomber Command Centre in Lincolnshire. This was particularly poignant to Polly (Master’s Lady) as her late father was a flight Engineer (also co-pilot), flying a Handley Page Halifax Mk V Heavy Bomber (subsequently superseded by the Lancaster), during the Second World War.


Polly, the Master’s Lady, Tony Joyce, Master and Squadron Leader Andy Fennell OC of 7010 Intelligence Reserves (Waddington). 



Thursday 11th October 2018 – Ballet Central

Once again Liverymen and guests of the WCCS were treated to a private performance by second and third year students from Ballet Central. A mix of pieces from Swan Lake to more contemporary dance.

The event was attended by numerous Past Masters and their wives/partners.


This contemporary piece was choreographed by Natasha Chu, who graduated from Ballet Central in 2017. An exciting and dramatic piece where  the students used their body movements and breathing to depict the beating of many drums. 


The worthy bursey recipients Callum McGregor and Chelsea Wewege with School Director Heidi Hall, Choreography Director Christopher Marney, the Master and his lady.

Callum McGregor stepped in to the principal Swan Lake role with only 5 hours notice.

The third year students only had a few days to rehearse for this performance and surprised everyone at the quality of their polished performance.

The Master commented on how the students smiled throughout their performances, engaging fully with the audience. At the same time as training for careers in professional ballet, the students start their degree courses at the early age of 16 years old. Hat’s off to them all!


5th- 7th October 2018 -Snowdonia Mountaineering Experience with the Royal Engineers!! WCCS

As part of the ongoing relationship between the Livery and our Army Affiliates, 135 Geographic Squadron, we regular provide financial support for reservist members to participate in the Royal Engineer’s mountaineering expeditions to remote locations in the world, with a follow up presentation of their endeavors to the Livery upon return.


It was at the last such event earlier this year that the intrepid expedition leader Captain James ’Nessie’ Smith offered the opportunity of providing a more local experience for the livery members! Six months later, twelve willing volunteers were heading up to North Wales for a ‘Mountaineering Experience’ with the royal Engineers!!

On arrival … and to add to the ambiance, the accommodation was a traditional mountain ‘hut’, complete with zero heating and bunk beds, located a good 20 minutes up a mountain trail in the pouring rain!! Clearly this was not going to be a weekend of home comforts!! A warm welcome was however on the mat and, after a military sized spaghetti bolognese dinner, we retired to our bunks in nervous anticipation of the following day!


Snowdon was our target for Saturday! Coffee in hand (“so London”), we all headed off up the Pyg Track, with the option to peel off and ascend to the dizzy heights of Crib Goch … depending on ability and appetite to experience fear and exhaustion! All routes led to the summit where we met (along with every other walker in Snowdonia)!! Despite the attraction of jumping on the train back down, we all completed the ‘horseshoe’, eventually descending back to Pen-y-Pass for a well deserved cuppa tea, to be swiftly followed by a full post mortem in a local hostelry, followed by more spaghetti bolognese (can you spot a trend!!) back at the hut! We all retired to our bunks late into the evening, very satisfied with our achievement!

Sunday dawned to a rude awakening of rally cars … as we were unknowingly located only a few hundred metres from the stage of the Welsh Rally!! Crawling from our bunks, a hearty breakfast was consumed before heading out to the crag to try our luck at rock climbing! With helmets, harnesses and a strong tug on the rope, we all managed to scale the challenges presented, making a fitting completion to our weekend experience!!


Five Stars to our guides for providing a superb weekend of fellowship, hospitality and a true taste of the mountaineering experience!! Look out for the next trip in 2019!!


Court Assistant David Reynolds, Military Affiliates Liaison Officer



Friday 5th October 2018 – Pikemen & Musketeers HAC Annual Ladies Night Dinner

The Master and his lady as guests of the Armourer, Anthony Bickmore enjoyed a sumptuous meal at ‘Ye Feast’ at The Honourable Artillery Ground. The Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Sheriffs and Consorts, together with The Lord Mayor’s Sword Bearer were in attendance.

The Lord Mayor The Right Honourable Charles Boman presents a musket




Friday 4th October 2018 – Presentation of £30,000 to LandAid

It was with great joy that the WCCS via the RICS’s Pledge 150 initiative raised £30,000 to help the young homeless be housed. It costs £15,000 to save one young person. £15,000 was raised by the Property Marketing Awards, the other £15,000 was raised by the Master (and Master’s Lady) sponsored   605 mile cycle ride.

The Master, with the Clerk, Past Master Rob Bould, The Master’s Lady, Polly, and Renter Warden James Bryer present 2 cheques each of £15,000 to Alice Lamb from LandAid


Friday 4th October 2018 – ‘London Stone’ returns to Cannon Street

The ancient and mysterious stone first referred to in 1100 AD has returned to Cannon Street. Having lived in the Museum of London during the redevelopment of 111 Cannon Street, it has returned to the new building and was unveiled today by The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor, Charles Bowman.


Monday 1st October 2018 – Election of the incoming Lord Mayor of London

Alderman and Master International Banker, Peter Estlin was unanimously elected to be installed as the 691st Lord Mayor on 9th November 2018.

Gowning of the Masters in the crypt of the Guildhall

all 110 Livery Masters attended a service of Thanksgiving for the work and commitment of the present Lord Mayor, The Right Honourable Charles Bowman.

A formidable acceptance speech

Consorts proudly observe from on high in The Great Hall



Friday 28th September 2018 – The Installation of the Sheriffs

The Master attended the Great Hall at Guildhall to witness the installation of the new Sheriffs of the City of London.

The outgoing Sheriffs with the Mayoral party

The Masters, Chartered Surveyor, Solicitor and Baker

The immediate Past Master Draper with the Lord Mayor Elect, Master Chartered Surveyor, Newly installed Sheriff Liz Green, and Councillor Dhruv Patel OBE.


Wednesday 26th September 2018 – The 14th Ezra Memorial Lecture

The Master attended a lecture at Trinity House as a guest of the Worshipful Company of Fuellers. The subject was ‘Energy in the City’.

The lecturer was Alderman Christopher Heyward, Chairman of Planning and Transportation at the Corporation of the City of London.

The Master Fueller with Chris Hayward  


Monday 24th September 2018 – Treloar’s Gala Dinner

A number of our Liverymen were privileged, by kind permission of The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Charles Bowman, to join him at the Mansion House.

On arrival, parked outside of the Mansion House in the heart of the City was the Treloar’s coach sporting the name a new crest of our Worshipful Company.

The Treloar’s Coach that will be in The Lord Mayors Show in November

A number of severely physically handicapped students gave a brilliant performance from Beauty and the Beast.

This was followed by a sumptuous feast and then an auction to raise money for a new minibus. The full £80,000 was raised by the very generous guests. In addition, Tony Ward, Master of the Constructors Company raised £30,000 for a robotic arm to be used in the college.

A few well known faces

And a few more well known faces







The Egyptian Hall

Just one of the wonderful pieces of Art in the Mansion House


Monday 17th September 2018 – Made it 505 miles????????

Well what an experience cycled the Velo A Loire 505 miles (800 km).
No injury, praise the Lord. Very hot here in France at the moment.
Thanks to all who generously supported our RICS LandAid Appeal. 2 young lives saved thanks to your generous support.

And it’s a thank you from HER

It’s a thank you from HIM


Sunday 16th September 2018 – Nearly there…

Hottest day yet, 33 miles, very little shade. Sancerre, for those who haven’t been, is at the top of a very long and steep hill. Reward = Leffe

Pachelbel, 4 violins Canon and Gigue in D major



Saturday 15th September 2018 – only 66 miles to go????????

38 miles today go list just outside Briare and ended up cycling through sand for about 3 miles. That was not fun. Mountain bikes would have been ok. But not hybrids with full packs.



Friday 14th September 2018 – Sully-sur-Loire

Made it to Sully-sur-Loire, only 103 miles to go to hit our target????????


Thursday 13th September 2018 – it’s not all hard work. Now At Orleans

Ver hot yesterday, rewarded with a cool swim in Beaugency. Lovely town. Today a relaxing ride to The capital of the Loire, Orléans.


Wednesday 12th September 2028 – Blois to Beaugency

Harvesting the corn

Another sweltering day. Finally found a cafe in the lovely village of Avaray. The Mayor of the next village bought us both a beer. Finally cooled off in the pool in Beaugency.


Tuesday 11th September 2018 – Amboise to Blois

Made it to Blois in extreme heat. More ups and downs. More inland than by the river today. Not sure why when there is a perfectly good road that would have been shorter and quicker. But amazing little villages yet very few coffee shops.


Monday 10th September 2018 – Tours to Amboise

Silly morning today. We had planned a detour to the pagoda Chanteloup. However we caught up with some Canadian cyclists on fast tourers. Before we knew where we were we’d arrived at Amboise. A besutiful place with the home and gardens of Leonardo Da Vinci. The Château is imposing build high above the town overlooking the Loire.


Sunday 9th September 2018 – Villandry then Tours

Short ride 32 degrees, very hilly.


Saturday 8th December 2018 – Azay-le-Rideau

32 miles today. We did a good deal of sightseeing, well Châteaux visiting.
27 degrees at 7 pm. Thank you again to all my sponsors.


Friday 7th September – Saumur to Chinon

Well today and tomorrow are tourist days. Short rides. We will pay for this next week!


Thursday 6th September 2018 – Day 6 Loire

Today was hard. We should have ignored the directions and stayed down by the river. Haut et bas, haut et bas.????????


Wednesday 5th September 2018 – made it to Angers

141 miles behind us. Legs tired, rear tender, but then it was never meant to be too easy!


Monday 3rd September 2018 day 3

Nantes Cathedral

We thought the Loire was meant to be fairly flat! Today was definitely NOT flat!


Sunday 2nd September 2018 – St Nazaire to Frossay

Day 2 of our 500 Mile cycle Ride. At this rate it will bee 1000 miles. We keep getting distracted.



Saturday 1st September 2018 – Loire Cycle has begun

The Master and his Lady have set off on their bikes. Now in St Nazaire via London and Paris.