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The Worshipful Company of Vintners & Searcys City Lunch – Wednesday 31st January 2018

The Master, Tony Joyce and our Learned Clerk, Amanda Jackson were privileged to attend a splendid lunch at the Vintners Hall. The Master Vintner was book ended by the Master of the Playing Cards Company and the Master Chartered Surveyor.

Tony Joyce, Nick Arkell and Anthony Komedera aka Nick and the two Tones!

A Swan in the Vintners Hall…curious

More swans!

The mystery revealed: The swans on the Thames were shared equally between the Vintners, The Dyers and the Crown. Vintners 2 nicks on the beak, Dyers 1 nick and the Crown none. These were in the days when swans were served up on very special occasions. The Crown cleverly had no nicks on the swans beaks. As the swans grew the nicks disappeared!

This is an ornate wooden sword holder for when the Lord Mayor is in attendance

One of the finest collections of wine glasses in the country

Nick Arkell, Master Vintner addressing the room

Look who was loitering in the corner!!



Informal Dinner at the Armourers Hall – Tuesday 30th January 2018

Well it was promoted as an informal dinner and that it was, no table cloths, only one toast, to the sovereign, no toastmaster,  no loving cup. 100 people around tables of 10. However,  it was still ‘black tie’, two fun speeches but also doing ‘the business’ and candles! Yes there are only two Livery Halls in the City that have candles and the Armourers is one of them.


Harriet Richardson(nee Joyce) Lewis Richardson, Pauline Joyce, Master, Speaker Rory Joyce (Masters twin), Federica Frangipane, Alex Joyce

The speeches were by the Master and his Twin brother Rory, Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Town Planner, Chartered Environmentalist and Accountant (he keeps this bit quiet).

Rory Joyce spent 10 minutes to the amusement of the assembled company rinsing the poor Master


The children certainly enjoyed hearing the antics (in the 1960’s) of their poor father.

Great feedback has been received from many Liverymen and their guests saying how much they enjoyed the mix of formal and informal in such a magnificent setting.


Financial Services Group Seminar on Membership – Wednesday 24th January 2018

The Information Technologists, kindly hosted a Financial Services Group Workshop at their Hall in Bartholomew Close EC1. A total of 8 Masters of Livery Companies in the FSG attended together with a number of Past Masters, Membership Chairs and Clerks.

We were represented by our Immediate Past Master, William Hill, Our Master, Tony Joyce and our Junior Warden John Woodman.

The seminar raised a number of issues relating to membership common to most Livery Companies and we were able to share ideas of how to do this better.

Impressive millennium shield on display at the Hall of the Information Technologists

One of the many cabinets displaying a wealth of valuable plate

Created by local artists Deborah Sandersley & Nick Winfield to commemorate the Master’s Year commissioned in 2007

Special thanks to the excellent presentations by the Marketors and International Bankers Companies.


The Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants – Thursday 18th January 2018

The Chartered Accountants Company entertained Masters and Clerks of the Financial Services Group to dinner in their most unusual Hall in Moorgate Place.

Described by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner as ’eminently original and delightfully picturesque’, it is a fine example of Victorian neo-Baroque which draws its inspiration from the work of the Italian Renaissance. Note the Bridge based on the Rialto Bridge in Venice

The Master Marketors’ final official event

Master Tax Advisor in the foreground

Sir Nicholas Kenyon CBE addressing the assembled company on The Culture Mile (next to him our host The Master Chartered Accountant)

Wonderful Stained Glass windows, sold many years ago sold at auction and more recently reacquired to adorn the refurbished staircase.


Lunch at the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey) – Wednesday 17th January 2018

The Master was privileged to join 15 judges together with the Common Serjeant of London and Sheriff Neil Redcliffe for lunch at the Old Bailey. Three other guests were Mrs Elizabeth Corley CBE, Investment Manager and Crime writer. Ms Jayne-Anne Gadhia CEO of Virgin Money and Stuart Alpine, partner at Clyde and Co.

Lunch was spiced duck followed by blueberry bread and butter pudding. Cheese was offered for those who wished to partake. The judges had to get back into their courts by 2 pm sharp.

Alas photos of the gathered company are not permitted on social media.

The Central Criminal Court

Look what I spotted through a window! I always wondered where they garaged the Lord Mayor’s Rolls Royce, LMO1

The Chamber


Robert Clack and Archbishop Tenison Schools Half Day Seminar – Wednesday 17th January 2018

Another successful School’s Day at the Guildhall.

The Master welcomed the Lower Sixth students and gave a brief overview of what a Livery Company is, how we came about and what we now do, focussing on the Educational aspects.

Mike Reid and from Law firm Pinsent Mason then presented what people do in the City and then introduced Roma a paralegal (closer to the students age) who explained the route that she took into the profession.

Roma and Mike from Pinsent Masons

Liz Peace CBE, property advisor to the London Mayor at Old Oak Common and Non-Exec Chairman at the GPA then gave a property overview, what it is with all the inputs, funding managing, construction, letting and holding or selling the completed investment. Liz outlined how it affects all of us in one way or another.

Liveryman Liz Peace CBE

The final presentation was from Antony Phillips and a young lawyer who explained how to get into the legal Profession, what they get paid but also warning that it is hard work and they must have very good grades at A level to make it.

Antony Phillips of Fieldfisher. Note the impression behind him of the original St Paul’s Cathedral before the Great Fire in 1666

Finally the Master, around the City model took a quick canter on how the City has developed as as business centre since Roman times.

A wave from the students with John Hamill in the foreground

A glimpse of the City model

After lunch Liveryman Clwyd Roberts took the students to see the Roman remains exhibition in the Guildhall.


City New Year Service at St Michael Cornhill and afterwards at The Drapers Hall – Friday 12th January 2018

The Masters Lady, Pauline and the Master attended the traditional 1662 service at St Michael, Cornhill, a church where the Christian Gospel has been preached since Saxon times. The Drapers have been patrons of St Michael for the past 515 years and generously invited all there present to lunch at The Drapers Hall after the service. St Michael enjoys the patronage of a number of other Livery Companies including The Merchant Taylors, The Woolmen, The Musicians, The Upholders, The Turners, The Master Mariners, The Air Pilots and Navigators, The Chartered Secretaries, The Fullers and The Water Conservators.

The first reading by Mark Carney, Governor of The Bank of England

The service was attended by Charles Bowman, The Lord Mayor and his charming wife Samantha.
The Lord Mayor read the second lesson.

A first class thought provoking address by The Reverend Charlie Skrine.

Afterwards at the Drapers Hall. Only today did The Master realise that at his installation, he had his back to Queen Victoria! She would not have been amused!!

A highly amusing print on the wall of the Gents lavatory. This depicts the consternation when one of the guests asked for MORE!



The Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers formal lunch – Wednesday 10th January 2018

It was a special privilege for the Master to be invited to the exclusive Wax Chandlers annual formal lunch in their Hall in Gresham Street. It was all the more special to spend time with the 690th Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Charles Bowman and his wife Samantha.

Morning Dress was the attire for Liverymen of the Wax Chandlers Company.

Charles Bowman as ever was both engaging, entertaining but always with a serious underlying message.

Wax Chandler Wendy Maslin receiving their annual award from The Lord Mayor with Master Wax Chandler Arthur Davey looking on.


The Worshipful Company of Plaisterers Dinner for Masters and Clerks of City Livery Companies – Tuesday 9th January 2018

Our Learned Clerk, Amanda Jackson and the Master enjoyed a magnificent evening at the newly refurbished a most magnificent Plaisterers Hall (following the flood in 2016). There were a total of 54 Livery Companies represented at the dinner. An excellent address was given by the Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths’ Company, Mrs Judith Cobham-Lowe OBE. The Master Plaisterer, Richard Hanney was most amusing as was his Learned Clerk. They styled it a dinner but it was more like a banquet, four courses served with excellent wines (and spirits for those who cared to partake). The loving cup was slightly different to the traditional procedure but fun all the same. We were entertained by the award winning British vocal quintet, Apollo5.

A plethora of Masters joined byThe Honourable Liz Green.

The Newly refurbished Plaisterers Hall

At the end of the table, The Master Plaisterer Richard Hanney in conversation with Mrs Judith Cobham-Lowe OBE Warden of the Goldsmiths Company


The Worshipful Company of Masons Epiphany Court Luncheon – Tuesday 9th January 2018

The Master, Tony Joyce was privileged to join two other Masters at the Masons Epiphany Court luncheon at the Mercers Hall on Tuesday. The event was even more special to enjoy the company of our esteemed Choir Master Liveryman and past Master of the Masons Company, Bill Gloyn. Also to once again to spend time with the most affable Robert Burgon, Master Plumber.

Master Plumber, Master Mason, Master Chartered Surveyor

Bespectacled Master!! Robert Baden Powell and Bill Gloyn


Archbishop Tenison’s School – Friday 5th January 2018

I have received a report from Court Assistant Clwyd Roberts of an excellent Year 10 Careers Day at Archbishop Tenison’s School last Friday (photo’s to come).

We have received a resounding thank you from Deputy Head Teacher, Edward Elstub who sought feedback from the students, who without exception scored us 9 or 10 when completing their questionnaires at the end of the day. He said quote: “It’s great to know that we can call on such enthusiastic and willing helpers from the ‘real’ world when needed, it really makes a difference”. Well done team!