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Chartered Architects Annual Lecture – Wednesday 21st February 2018

Heritage and Modernity — War or Peace and A boy in the City.

25 Livery Companies enjoyed a tense debate on City buildings from conservation of everything to adapting to a changing world.

Peter Luscombe, Chairman of the Heritage Society/Stephen Wagstaffe, Master Chartered Architect, The Master, Tony Joyce

Stephen Wagstaffe showed photos of the City that he had taken in 1955, then the same shots in 2,000 and yet again today… fascinating.

Peter Luscombe gave his take on how so many of the new builds are destroying our City. This was followed by Annie Hampson OBE the City’s Chief Planning Officer giving a fairly balanced view of conservation vs modernity. Finally Paul Finch OBE was far more bold and delivered a very convincing argument that once upon a time all buildings were new… including St Paul’s that was lambasted at the time. He stressed that buildings must respond to the needs of the changing City.


Brexit Debate at Haberdashers Hall- Kingston Smith Wednesday 21st February 2018

Liveryman Colin Peacock represented the WCCS at a debate in a series that addressed the issue of the world’s changing economy and Brexit’s part in this. Returning Chair Sir Michael Snyder, elected Member of the City of London, challenged an impressive panel, as well as providing his own insight.

The Panel:

Craig Donaldson, CEO of Metro Bank, the UK’s first new high street bank for over 100 years.

Jeremy Browne, former Minister of State and the City of London’s current Special Representative on Europe

Jeff Singer, Partner at ILV Silver, specialists in transaction, audit, tax, legal and due diligence services for business acquisitions and investments in Spain.

Heather Powell, Head of Property at Kingston Smith with Liveryman Colin Peacock


Sandeman Vintage Port Tasting at The Cavalry & Guards Club – Thursday 15th February 2018

35 of our Liverymen and guests enjoyed the most fabulous evening at a port tasting accompanied by cheeses and meats.

Bernard Hornung who organised the event gave us a most interesting brief history of the club and his long standing connection with the Sandeman family

Ligia Marques — Wine Educator, The Master and Bernard Hornung



Worshipful Company of Constructors Awards Dinner – St Valentines Day – Wednesday 14th February 2018

The Master, Tony Joyce and his Lady, Mrs Pauline Joyce were royally entertained by the Worshipful Company of Constructors at the magnificent Draper’s Hall.

Toast to the Company by Sir Terry Morgan (Crossrail) and to the Guests by the Master Tony Ward


Inter-Livery Pancake Tossing – Shrove Tuesday – 13th February 2018

Well the rain came down and it was so wet that in view of Health & Safety risks, the running was abandoned. Instead we had to undertake a full toss of the pancake as many times as we were able in 60 seconds. Quite a challenge!

Liveryman David Mann, Master’s Lady Pauline, The Master, before the on-set of the competition.


The proceedings were commenced by a very sporting, The Lady Mayoress, Samantha Bowman firing a cannon that made us all jump out of our skins!

The Master tossed the Pancake 57 times in 60 seconds but alas did not win!

The concentration was palpable but no winner yet!

All our hopes lay with the Master’s Lady but Alas no prize today.

Oh well better luck next year!


PMA Networking Event – Thursday 8th February 2018

The Master was joined by Liveryman Colin Peacock and Liveryman David Bianco together with Past Master Mickola Wilson at The Property Marketing Awards Networking event at Leo’s offices in Cheapside (The Alan Sugar Building).

Presentations on how not to do marketing by a panel of experts.

Special thanks to Colin Peacock for organising such a spectacular event.

Convivial Liverymen

Having fun..Yes it’s great fun!


The Worshipful Company of Arbitrators Spring Luncheon – Thursday 8th February 2018

Our Learned Clerk, Amanda Jackson and The Master enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Apothecaries Hall together with 18 other Masters and their Clerks. Grace was said by the Chaplain…….Rev…..George Bush no less. Excellent speeches by David Wilson, the Master Arbitrator with the response by Lawyer and Past Master Victoria Russell.

Past Master Victoria Russell and Master Arbitrator David Wilson

The affable Master Mariner Captain Martin Reed

Jack Broadley Master Environmental Cleaners, Stephen Anderton Master Security Professionals, Clive Parrit Master Chartered Accountants, Master Chartered Surveyor, David Lock Master Chartered Secretaries, Keith Povey Clerk of Chartered Secretaries

The Rhino has been the Apothecaries emblem for over 300 years. It is untrue that the horn has the aphrodisiac powers so beloved by the media, but this exotic creature, sometimes confused with the unicorn, has always been associated with magical properties.



Environmental Cleaners Luncheon at the Armourers Hall, Wednesday 7th February 2018

It was a privilege to be invited to attend luncheon at the fabulous Armourers’ Hall today. 90 of us enjoyed a fabulous feast prepared by The Cook and Butler.

The Master Cook, Mark Grove was in attendance which made it all the more special.The guest speaker, was one of Her Majesty’s chaplain’s (in his case to the Tower of London), The Reverend Roger Hall, who had severed as Chaplain to the Army for many years.

Jack Broadley, Master Environmental Cleaner, Tony Joyce and Barrie Torbett, Junior Warden of the Environmental Cleaners



Livery Schools Link Showcase – Guildhall Library – Tuesday 6th February 2018

Liveryman Clwyd Roberts reported that we had a superb reception at the above yesterday which was attended by an estimated 900 pupils from 45 London schools and we were one among 30 Livery Companies displaying our wares. Our stand was constantly busy and at one point had 4 of us each talking to groups of pupils…photos attached.

The Surveying message was widely spread and our stock of brochures and giveaways was depleted by close though I was particularly encouraged by the dozen or so individual conversations we had with pupils for whom our profession is definitely being considered as a career option.

I would like to thank our committee members  who assisted during the day and especially Emma Hadley and the grads from Savills who put in sterling performances on stage!


Lord Mayor’s Visit to Treloar’s – Monday 5th February 2018

50+ Masters and Master’s Lady’s/Consorts were invited to a day at Treloar’s College, School and Hospital for severely physically handicapped children.

We were split in to small groups, then escorted around the premises where we were able to witness first hand the incredible work undertaken by the 500 staff that are engaged there. We all sang Happy Birthday to Dan who is 21 today.

Tony Joyce (Master) and Pauline Joyce (Master’s Lady) were privileged and honoured to be invited to sit with The Lord Mayor, Charles Bowman and The Lady Mayoress, Samantha Bowman.

The Lady Mayoress, The Master, The Master’s Lady, The Lord Mayor.

This was a therapy igloo with screens where the iPad operator could take the children to the beach, under water to the jungle, just about anywhere.

Children’s artwork

sculptures created by the children

It was so good to catch up with so many Masters we have got to know over the past 3 months, and to see Liveryman Roger Southam and Trustee of Treloar’s in full stride.