Royal British Legion Industries, Aylesford, Kent – Friday 20th April 2018

For over 100 years the RBLI have been working to improve the lives of our military personnel that have been damaged in some way through warfare especially those who have physical, and or mental disabilities.

RBLI’s aim is to ensure that no Veteran is Left Behind. They offer Employment Support, Employment, Temporary and Permanent Accommodation, Nursing and assisted care giving the Veterans self esteem and respect no matter what they have been through.

The RBLI’s Aylesford based Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company produce Road signs, Motorway signs, Rail signs and many more. They also have a pallet production works where they build or repair the pallets used for aggregates.

The Master was presented with a bespoke sign in acknowledgement of our visit.

We were honoured to be introduced to veterans from far and near, many young Gurkha’s, soldiers from Figi, a soldier who was on board Sir Galahad when she was hit if the Falklands and a gold medalists from the Invicta Games.

Veteran workers with The Master, Past Master Wilson and Liveryman Colin Peacock.

A beautiful day in front of the Gold Winning Garden at this years Chelsea Flower Show, deconstructed after the show and re build at Aylesford.



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