The Turners Company’s Consort Tea Party and Turning Demonstration – Monday 23rd April 2018

The Masters Lady was invited by the Mistress Turner, Mrs Jo Neill to attend a demonstration of wood turning at the Hurlingham Club.

Les Thorne, professional turner and Freeman of the Turners Company. Les was very entertaining as he demonstrated his skill.

Mistress Butcher — Glenise Gillo, Mistress Cooper — Celia Campbell, Mistress Plaisterer — Susanne Hanney, Mistress Hackney Carriage Drivers — Tracy Hammond, Mistress Parish Clerks — Angela Plumb, Mistress Saddler — Many Thomas. The Consorts enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea in the beautiful surroundings of the Hurlingham Club.

The Masters Lady — Polly Joyce with Celia Campbell, the Mistress Cooper taking a boat ride back to the City



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