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Monday 17th September 2018 – Made it 505 miles????????

And it’s a thank you from HER

Well what an experience cycled the Velo A Loire 505 miles (800 km).
No injury, praise the Lord. Very hot here in France at the moment.
Thanks to all who generously supported our RICS LandAid Appeal. 2 young lives saved thanks to your generous support.

It’s a thank you from HIM


Sunday 16th September 2018 – Nearly there…

Pachelbel, 4 violins Canon and Gigue in D major

Hottest day yet, 33 miles, very little shade. Sancerre, for those who haven’t been, is at the top of a very long and steep hill. Reward = Leffe



Saturday 15th September 2018 – only 66 miles to go????????

38 miles today go list just outside Briare and ended up cycling through sand for about 3 miles. That was not fun. Mountain bikes would have been ok. But not hybrids with full packs.


Friday 14th September 2018 – Sully-sur-Loire

Made it to Sully-sur-Loire, only 103 miles to go to hit our target????????


Thursday 13th September 2018 – it’s not all hard work. Now At Orleans

Ver hot yesterday, rewarded with a cool swim in Beaugency. Lovely town. Today a relaxing ride to The capital of the Loire, Orléans.


Wednesday 12th September 2028 – Blois to Beaugency

Harvesting the corn

Another sweltering day. Finally found a cafe in the lovely village of Avaray. The Mayor of the next village bought us both a beer. Finally cooled off in the pool in Beaugency.


Tuesday 11th September 2018 – Amboise to Blois

Made it to Blois in extreme heat. More ups and downs. More inland than by the river today. Not sure why when there is a perfectly good road that would have been shorter and quicker. But amazing little villages yet very few coffee shops.


Monday 10th September 2018 – Tours to Amboise

Silly morning today. We had planned a detour to the pagoda Chanteloup. However we caught up with some Canadian cyclists on fast tourers. Before we knew where we were we’d arrived at Amboise. A besutiful place with the home and gardens of Leonardo Da Vinci. The Château is imposing build high above the town overlooking the Loire.


Sunday 9th September 2018 – Villandry then Tours

Short ride 32 degrees, very hilly.


Saturday 8th December 2018 – Azay-le-Rideau

32 miles today. We did a good deal of sightseeing, well Châteaux visiting.
27 degrees at 7 pm. Thank you again to all my sponsors.


Friday 7th September – Saumur to Chinon

Well today and tomorrow are tourist days. Short rides. We will pay for this next week!


Thursday 6th September 2018 – Day 6 Loire

Today was hard. We should have ignored the directions and stayed down by the river. Haut er bas, haut et bas.????????


Wednesday 5th September 2018 – made it to Angers

141 miles behind us. Legs tired, rear tender, but then it was never meant to be too easy!


Monday 3rd September 2018 day 3

Nantes Cathedral

We thought the Loire was meant to be fairly flat! Today was definitely NOT flat!


Sunday 2nd September 2018 – St Nazaire to Frossay

Day 2 of our 500 Mile cycle Ride. At this rate it will bee 1000 miles. We keep getting distracted.


Saturday 1st September 2018 – Loire Cycle has begun

The Master and his Lady have set off on their bikes. Now in St Nazaire via London and Paris.