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The Paviors Spring Livery Dinner, Fishmongers Hall – Wednesday 25th April 2018

The Master was privileged to be one of only three visiting Masters at this prestigious event, joined by Roger Poulton, Master Joiner & Ceiler and Robert Burgon, Master Plumber. A wonderful Hall in a magnificent setting on the Thames. A full bells and whistles event, great hilarity with Guest speaker Irishman Gerard O’Herlihy.

Sir Michael Bear donating his Shrieval chain of office to the Paviors Company

Sir Michael, a Liveryman also of the Chartered Surveyors Company paid  specific reference to the attendance of the Master of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors.

The Master Pavior was led in by Watermen

Entertainment by Viola player Virginia Slater accompanied by Dan Watts on piano


The Butcher’s Lecture and Lunch – Wednesday 25th April 2018

The Master and Clerk were invited to attend a presentation by the Butcher’s Company followed by a carvery lunch.

The Butchers Hall is being redeveloped as part of the Helical Bart’s Square scheme enabling them to reconfigure their old 1960’s building providing state of the art accommodation. Pens 1st September 2019.

Butcher Tim Dumenil, The Master, Colin Tiffin — Master Needlemakers, Anthony Komedera — Master Makers of Playing Cards

The new Hall can accommodate 156 seated and will have a roof garden for events of up to 80 people.They will have a state of the Art Kitchen.


Hooray! A new baby prince is born on St George’s Day. The Master and Clerk attended The St George’s Day Luncheon at The Watermen’s Hall – Monday 23rd April 2018

The Master and our Learned Clerk enjoyed  St George’s Day Luncheon at the Watermen’s Hall. The exotic fayre included a lobster cocktail served in the shell of sea urchin!


Let the festivities begin

The Master Lightmonger- Barbara Harding with The Master and Richard Hanney- the Master Plaisterer


The Turners Company’s Consort Tea Party and Turning Demonstration – Monday 23rd April 2018

The Masters Lady was invited by the Mistress Turner, Mrs Jo Neill to attend a demonstration of wood turning at the Hurlingham Club.

Les Thorne, professional turner and Freeman of the Turners Company. Les was very entertaining as he demonstrated his skill.

Mistress Butcher — Glenise Gillo, Mistress Cooper — Celia Campbell, Mistress Plaisterer — Susanne Hanney, Mistress Hackney Carriage Drivers — Tracy Hammond, Mistress Parish Clerks — Angela Plumb, Mistress Saddler — Many Thomas. The Consorts enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea in the beautiful surroundings of the Hurlingham Club.

The Masters Lady — Polly Joyce with Celia Campbell, the Mistress Cooper taking a boat ride back to the City



Royal British Legion Industries, Aylesford, Kent – Friday 20th April 2018

For over 100 years the RBLI have been working to improve the lives of our military personnel that have been damaged in some way through warfare especially those who have physical, and or mental disabilities.

RBLI’s aim is to ensure that no Veteran is Left Behind. They offer Employment Support, Employment, Temporary and Permanent Accommodation, Nursing and assisted care giving the Veterans self esteem and respect no matter what they have been through.

The RBLI’s Aylesford based Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company produce Road signs, Motorway signs, Rail signs and many more. They also have a pallet production works where they build or repair the pallets used for aggregates.

The Master was presented with a bespoke sign in acknowledgement of our visit.

We were honoured to be introduced to veterans from far and near, many young Gurkha’s, soldiers from Figi, a soldier who was on board Sir Galahad when she was hit if the Falklands and a gold medalists from the Invicta Games.

Veteran workers with The Master, Past Master Wilson and Liveryman Colin Peacock.

A beautiful day in front of the Gold Winning Garden at this years Chelsea Flower Show, deconstructed after the show and re build at Aylesford.



Hooray! The Treloar’s Coach Has Arrived – Wednesday 18th April 2018

Lucinda Gillingham Head of Fundraising at Treloar’s:

The whole campus has been filled with excitement today and I think virtually every class turned out in the sunshine to see the fabulous Coach arrive!   The Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors logo looks amazing so I hope you are all pleased with how it has turned out.

I thought you may appreciate hearing some of our students thoughts on the Coach today:

  • “It’s good, I’m excited and looking forward to going on it.”
  • “I’m looking forward to going out as a whole class of eight, finally we won’t be cramped on two buses as we were before – it was a nightmare trying to organise a trip.”
  • “The new Coach will make a huge difference to the School – it will bring us altogether as we will no longer need to be separated.”
  • “I like the new Coach it makes me happy.”
  • “I like the Coach it’s fantastic and the best bus in the world for disabled people.”
  • “Happy days – we will be able to go out as a class and not have to take two buses.”
  • “Wow, it’s big, I’m looking forward to going on it and listening to music I like and watching DVD’s.”
  • “I’m so excited we’ll be able to go on the bus altogether – I’ll be able to travel with my friends.”

Everyone was also busy planning their trips out – I heard Harry Potter World, the Hawk Conservancy, the Beach, Marwell Zoo and Woodlarks Camping mentioned – and I’m sure many others will follow.

Anyhow, it was lovely to welcome Amanda today and we look forward to showing Tony and William the Coach at the official launch party on 3rd July.

A lovely sunny day to receive the coach 🙂

Comment from our Learned Clerk Amanda Jackson:

“I have just spent a very privileged hour at Treloar College watching the new coach arrive.  I am extremely proud of the Company for having made a donation of £115,000 to Treloar Trust.  This strikes at the heart of what Livery Companies are about.  Treloar Trust could not be more grateful.

Our updated crest on the side of The coach, to be displayed in the Lord Mayor’s Parade 2018





The Upholders Installation Dinner – Tuesday 17th April 2018

Tim Solway was installed as Master of The Worshipful Company of Upholders (Upholstery) appropriately at the Stationers Hall as Tim is a Printer. He had 26 members of his family present to he out familied the Joyce’s!! Well done Tim!

A truly splendid occasion and following the Masters tradition his cousin Richard Exall and Amy Roberts entertained us with a medley of Jazz numbers, all very good fun.

Master Tim Solway

The Stationers seated 160 guests

Our good friends the Pikemen and Musketeers were pretty stretched, on parade here as well as in the Mansion House and Guildhall!


Military Affiliates Endeavour Gala Dinner – Saturday 14th April 2018

The Master and the Masters Lady were privileged to attend the 135 Squadron’s Gala Dinner at the Queens Stand at Epsom Downs. The food was delicious and the company most engaging.

135 generously invited representatives from our Navy and RAF Affiliates together with the Mayor of Epson and Ewell accompanied by her consort.

The Master offered greetings from the WCCS and said a few words about the importance of our ongoing association.

The Master displaying the Endeavour Salver surrounded by previous Endeavour winners

Army, Navy and RAF with the Master and Master’s Lady



The Masters & Clerks’ Dinner at The Information Technologists – Thursday 12th April 2018

The Master felt especially privileged to attend this most pleasant evening on behalf of our Company. The Master Information Technologist, Dr Stefan Fafinski was hilarious as he welcomed the visiting Masters, especially pulling the legs of the fuellers, fire fighters and insurers.

He also pointed out that being the 100th Livery Company to be formed, as these numbers are binary being made up of the number one with two zeros, they are so  very appropriate for Information Technologists

Master Solicitor — Alderman David Graves, Tim Carroll — Master Insurer, The Master, Tony Ward — Master Constructor, Morag Loader — Master Tax Adviser, Dr Sefan Fafinski — Master Information Technologist, David Lock — Master Chartered Secretary

Chloe Andrews-Jones — Master Fueller, The Master, Julie Fox — Management Consultants’ Clerk


Air Pilots Lecture at the RAF Piccadilly – Wednesday 11th April 2018

Sebastian Cox, Head of the Air Historical Branch of the Royal Air Force delivered a simply superb lecture on 100 years of the RAF entitled ‘Of Men, Machines and Myths’.

He started with the very early B2 used in 1914 powered by a 70 horse power engine (a mystery it even got off the ground) through to unmanned remotely piloted guided drones.

He was not only a brilliant speaker who knew his subject to a fault but entertained us along the way with a string of amusing anecdotes (mainly poking fun at the Navy!).



Not an ‘April Fool’ at Plumpton Racecourse on Easter Sunday – 1st April 2018

On Easter Sunday two members of our Livery racing club (Liz Peace and Robert Highmore)  were in attendance at Plumpton Racecourse to see The Lion Dancer romp to  a second success in the 4.55 and the third winner of the club so far.  Picture of the winner with Liz and Robert below!.

The Treloar Talks – Glaziers Hall – Wednesday 28th March 2018

Hosted by Broadcaster Alastair Stewart OBE who is an active Trustee of Treloar’s we were treated to no less than five inspirational talks.

Lucinda Gillingham from Treloar with The Master

The Master with Alastair Stewart

Inspirational presenter Anne Usher winning GOLD at the Rio Paralympics 2016

The speakers: Angus Irvine, Jeremy Taylor, Richard Betts, Anne Usher, Alastair Stewart and Dan Ely


The Central School of Ballet performance in Tonbridge School – Friday 23rd March 2018

Past Master Liz Edwards, together with the Master and the Masters Lady were privileged to be entertained by a most accomplished performance by the Central School of Ballet. We were on the edge of our seats as the magically told the stories through dance.

The Masters Lady, The Master and Past Master Edwards


The Foundation of Educational Leadership working Dinner at The Skinners Hall – Thursday 22nd March 2018

His Grace, The Arch Bishop of Canterbury together with the Master Skinner, Annabell Baird, invited Masters of those Companies involved in education to attend a working Dinner at The Skinners’ Hall.

We were set homework in advance to discuss what we are currently doing in Education, ambitions for the future, how we develop leadership and how we might work with the Foundation for Educational Leadership.

The answer to all of this for our Company was….you’ve guessed it…Clwyd Roberts and his fantastic team. Seriously though, The Master engaged in the discussion outlining the incredible and increasing educational activities of our Company.

Tony Ward, the Master Constructor, His Grace the Rt Hon. The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and The Master, Tony Joyce


The Chartered Secretaries 2018 Tutt Rivers Lecture at the Stationers’Hall – Wednesday 21st March 2018

The Rt Hon the Lord Willetts, formerly Minister of State for BEIS spoke on the Importance of Education for the UK internationally and ways in which the City, industry and commerce can enhance it.

David Lock Master Chartered Secretary and Administrator welcomes and introduces

Mrs Susan Fey OBE, Master Educator, The Rt Hon the Lord Willetts and our host David Lock, Master of the Secretaries and Administrators

Portrait of Sir Clive Martin, Stationer and Newspaper Maker, Lord Mayor of London 1999–2000


Inaugural Dinner (after 10 years!) of the Financial Services Masters Supper at the Guildhall Club – Tuesday 20th March 2018

Our Surveyors Company were privileged to attend the first dinner of the long established Financial Services Group. Being the newest member thanks to the good offices of immediate Past Master Hill we were well received and welcomed.

Wishful words of wisdom shared by Immediate Past Master Hill

Everything is always so much easier when food and wine are involved

All the Masters were very well behaved for the impromptu photo call


Court meeting at Merchant Taylors followed by Spring Dinner – Monday 19th March 2018

The Spring Dinner 2018 was one of the coldest days of the year! Hardly Spring, perhaps it should be re-named the Ice Dinner or if that is a tad extreme the Winter Dinner! Regardless we were not to be put off, stiff upper lip and all that!

Senior Warden, Master, Junior Warden

Master with Sherin Aminossehe

Sheriff Neil Redcliffe receiving a cheque for The Lord Mayors Appeal

Meraki being congratulated by the Master

The Senior Warden, Sheriff Neil Redcliffe, The Master, Mrs Emma Redcliffe, Te Junior Warden, The Beadle


The Senior Warden Digby Flower, The Master Tony Joyce and The Junior Warden John Woodman in session

The Master welcomes our ‘youngest’ Liveryman Simon O’Donnell into The Livery with Immediate Past Master William Hill looking on with admiration

Model of the Merchant Taylors Barge built in 1800. The model was constructed by Air Commodore R.P.Ross in 1951



United Guilds Service Luncheon at the Apothecaries’ Hall – Friday 16th March 2018

The Master and Master’s Lady were joined by most esteemed company at the Apothecaries’ Hall following the Service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

All smile please!!



The 76th United Guilds Service at St Paul’s – Friday 16th March 2018

A most ceremonial occasion in the awe inspiring St Paul’s Cathedral.

The horrors of warfare and conflict, both past and present, are reflected in a striking new art installation at St Paul’s. As part of the Cathedral’s commemoration to the Great War of 1914–18, two white cruciform sculptures, each over six metres high have been installed at the head of the nave.


Lords Mayor’s Banquet for Livery Masters at The Mansion House – Thursday 15th March 2018

The Master Chartered Surveyor, Tony Joyce and the Master’s Lady, Mrs Pauline Joyce were privileged to join the other Masters and consorts at a most wonderful dinner at The Mansion House.

The Magnificent Egyptian Hall at the Mansion House

The Master with Chartered Surveyors from The Pikemen & Musketeers, L-R: Robert Raffeys, Anthony Bickmore, Master Tony Joyce, Hugh Tippett

The delightful Lady Mayoress, Samantha Bowman

Tony & Pauline with the Pikemen and Musketeers



Annual Meeting of the Court of The City University – Tuesday 13th March 2018

Livery Masters, Clerks, Professors and Intellectuals enjoyed an excellent presentation at the Cass Business School. As an Old Boy of The City University Tony Joyce, Master Chartered Surveyor was especially pleased to attend.

Stephen Wagstaffe, Master Chartered Architect, Patrick Wilkins, Master Baker, Alderman David Graves, Master Solicitor and Master Chartered Surveyor

Also in attendance were the Lay and Aldermanic Sheriffs.

The Lord Mayor and Rector of The City University, Charles Bowman addresses the audience outlining his ambitions for the City.



Modern Companies’ Spring Dinner – Waterman’s Hall – Monday 12th March 2018

33 Modern Livery Companies were represented at the sumptuous 4 course Spring Dinner.

Mike Williamson, Master Water Conservator proposed the Toast to the Lord Mayor and gave a passionate address on the urgent need to reduce the use of plastics.

An entertaining response was given by Alderman Peter Estlin but with more serious emphasis on The Power of Collaboration, Ancient and Modern coming together.

A Waterman and Lighterman in Uniform

The Watermen of the River Thames were equivalent to river taxis transporting passengers up and down and across the River. The Lightermen were workers who transferred goods between ships and quays, aboard flat-bottomed barges called lighters in the Port of London.

The Master Insurer and Master Architect in the Waterman’s Hall

The Master Actuary and Master, Master Mariner (yes Master, Master is correct!)

Two Masters sharing a joke together


The Tax Advisers Company’s ‘Budget Banquet’ – Wednesday 7th March 2018

The Master, Tony Joyce represented our Company alongside Masters of three other Companies at the Tax Advisors Budget Banquet. Budget refers to the Chancellors interpretation, there was nothing ‘Budget’ about the wonderful occasion at the Merchant Taylors Hall.

The Honourable Liz Green, The Master with host Past Master Tax Adviser Erica Stary and Peter Green

The ‘glowing’ Master…lightbulb moment? with Guest of honour Dame Valerie Strachan DCB and Master Tax Adviser Morag Loader

Superb entertainment by Horn Player Crispian Steele-Perkins (of opening tune to the Antiques Roadshow fame) accompanied by Leslie Pearson on piano (Composer of music for West Side Story)


135 Geographic Squadron Ecuadorian Odyssey – Tuesday 6th March 2018

We are grateful to Liveryman Antony Phillips of Field Fisher for allowing our Army affiliate 135 Squadron to present to us details of their exciting adventure to Ecuador.

Presentations were given by Captain ‘Nessie’ Smith and Corporal Katie Asquith.

Liverymen and Military equally riveted during the presentations

Captain ‘Nessie’ Smith, Liverymen offer Ecuadorian wave

Regular soldier Corporal Katie Asquith takes a well deserved bow

Reservist Lance Corporal Jodi Longyear called away at short notice, so alas was unable to be with us



Surveyors Careers Day – Tuesday 27th February 2018

Roger Madelin, and his colleague Eleanor Wright, led a very successful trip to this British Land site despite the cold and blizzard conditions. The 20+ students and 4 staff members had a great trip.


cityguides 15th annual Derek Melluish Memorial Lecture – Monday 5th March 2018

Ancient Monuments for a Modern City

Masters and City of London Guides enjoyed a brilliant and fascinating lecture delivered by Dr. Jane Sidell, Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Historic England and previously a Research Fellow at UCL and Environmental Archaeologist.

How refreshing to learn how she actively works with developers in order to preserve ancient archaeological finds whilst encouraging them to develop but simultaneously protecting our heritage.


Dr Jane Sidell MCIfA

Wonderful to once again enjoy the company of the Lady Mayoress Samantha Bowman together with many other Livery Masters and not forgetting our very own Liveryman and City Guide, Clwyd Roberts.


Scouting Association Event with past Lord Mayor, David Wootton -Tuesday 27th February 2018

Masters were invited to attend a presentation in the Crypt at the Guildhall.

The opening address was given by Sir David Wootton and members of the Scouting Association on the positive impact of Scouting on the lives of young people today.

The Master with Mrs Sazeda Patel and Mark Parker from The Scouting Association

Mrs Patel gave an inspirational address how she had set up a scout troop in Bolton against severe pressure from her Islamic Community. She persevered and now has a waiting list of over 300 children.

She explained that scouting gives young people confidence, teaches them skills and enables them to develop cross cultural friendships.

Her community are now fully behind the movement even with many muslim children attending church parades.

In the immortal words in the film Casablanca ‘the usual suspects’
L to R: Carman Patrick Marsland-Roberts, Architect Stephen Wagstaffe, Tyler & Bricklayer Jeff Fuller, Fueller Chloe Andrews-Jones, The Master, Plaisterer Richard Hanney, Clockmaker Roy Harris


Chartered Architects Annual Lecture – Wednesday 21st February 2018

Heritage and Modernity — War or Peace and A boy in the City.

25 Livery Companies enjoyed a tense debate on City buildings from conservation of everything to adapting to a changing world.

Peter Luscombe, Chairman of the Heritage Society/Stephen Wagstaffe, Master Chartered Architect, The Master, Tony Joyce

Stephen Wagstaffe showed photos of the City that he had taken in 1955, then the same shots in 2,000 and yet again today… fascinating.

Peter Luscombe gave his take on how so many of the new builds are destroying our City. This was followed by Annie Hampson OBE the City’s Chief Planning Officer giving a fairly balanced view of conservation vs modernity. Finally Paul Finch OBE was far more bold and delivered a very convincing argument that once upon a time all buildings were new… including St Paul’s that was lambasted at the time. He stressed that buildings must respond to the needs of the changing City.


Brexit Debate at Haberdashers Hall- Kingston Smith Wednesday 21st February 2018

Liveryman Colin Peacock represented the WCCS at a debate in a series that addressed the issue of the world’s changing economy and Brexit’s part in this. Returning Chair Sir Michael Snyder, elected Member of the City of London, challenged an impressive panel, as well as providing his own insight.

The Panel:

Craig Donaldson, CEO of Metro Bank, the UK’s first new high street bank for over 100 years.

Jeremy Browne, former Minister of State and the City of London’s current Special Representative on Europe

Jeff Singer, Partner at ILV Silver, specialists in transaction, audit, tax, legal and due diligence services for business acquisitions and investments in Spain.

Heather Powell, Head of Property at Kingston Smith with Liveryman Colin Peacock


Sandeman Vintage Port Tasting at The Cavalry & Guards Club – Thursday 15th February 2018

35 of our Liverymen and guests enjoyed the most fabulous evening at a port tasting accompanied by cheeses and meats.

Bernard Hornung who organised the event gave us a most interesting brief history of the club and his long standing connection with the Sandeman family

Ligia Marques — Wine Educator, The Master and Bernard Hornung