If you are considering a career in the property industry, looking for teaching aids or presenting on behalf of the Company at a careers event we can recommend the following online resources:

Surveying Careers for Schools or University 2019 – PowerPoint Presentation

Two YouTube videos via vlogger channels – Eve Bennet and Ali A

‘What surveyors do’ video www.youtube.com/embed/OG2NzA6aVbs

Virtual Reality App (available via Google Play and App Store) – will require RICS 360 VR Viewer (email careers@RICS.org to request materials)

Online version of RICS Schools Brochure (primary and secondary) https://issuu.com/ricsmodus/docs/rics_schools_brochure (email careers@RICS.org to request materials)

Online version of Surveying Careers Guide (aimed at students/FE/University) https://issuu.com/ricsmodus/docs/rics_student_2016_low_res (email careers@RICS.org to request materials)

Changing the Face of Property game – to be used on iPad at careers fairs www.propertyneedsyou.com/quiz/

Resources for volunteers, teachers and students www.propertyneedsyou.com/resource-centre/
What is surveying RICS   www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVmUH6cKn2Q

Careers in the Built Environment RICS www.ricssbe.org/special-pages/careers-in-built-environment/

Careers Support Royal Town Planning Institute www.rtpi.org.uk/membership/careers-support/

Urban Plan UK Urban Land Institute Classroom Programme urbanplanuk.uli.org/urbanplan-uk-model/

Jobs and Employers in the Property Industry  targetcareers.co.uk/career-sectors/construction-and-property/68-what-types-of-jobs-and-employers-are-there-in-property

Henley Business School Pathways to Property live.henley.ac.uk/page/pathways-to-property-learn-more

RICS Resource www.rics.org/uk/surveying-profession/contribute/inspire-future-surveyors/

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