Following a request to all Livery Companies by the Lord Mayor in 1982 to help reduce unemployment, the Company formally established a Youth Training Scheme for entry into the surveying profession in 1984. This evolved into the CSTT, which over the years has attracted many thousands of young men and women apprentices into the profession. Following the government’s increased funding programme for apprenticeships in 2015, the CSTT went on to have over 300 students and such was the success, the University College of Estate Management took over the CSTT’s apprenticeship programme when the Government requirements for apprenticeship providers changed.

CSTT is now completely independent of UCEM and does not, at the moment, work closely with UCEM although this may happen in the future. CSTT is focussing on getting its MEMF programme into as many secondary schools as possible. CSTT has just pioneered an innovative programme to be incorporated into the geography GCSE curriculum called My Environment My Future.

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