Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

10 June 2021, 1:00pm

The Future Workplace

12 May 2021, 6:00–7:00pm
Presented by Nicola Gillen, head of Total Workplace EMEA at Cushman & Wakefield

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No Risk, No Reward: A Real Estate Perspective

This one-hour webinar looks at the role of risk in the world of real estate. If the last year has taught us anything, it is that risk is part of our everyday lives. Risk is generally considered to be a bad thing, and yet, if properly managed, risk can lead to significant returns.

Our expert speakers, Blair Cameron of the Risk Partnership and Richard Davies of M&G Real Estate, moderated by James Young of Cushman & Wakefield, discuss a number of different issues around this topic – looking at attitudes to risk and repositioning your business to recognise risk. The discussion also looks at some of the burning platforms in the real estate world and considers the specific risks around these.

11 March 2021, 5:00pm – 6:00pm
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The Future of Cities

Monday 22 February 2021. Webinar slide presentation (pdf):

Sustainable Property Investment

On Friday 27 November 2020, Lucy Auden, Senior Programme Manager for CISL’s Investment Leaders Group (ILG) in the Centre for Sustainable Finance discussed the sustainability themes impacting real estate investment managers, including practical tools the Investment Leaders Group and CISL are working on to help investors address their most pressing challenges in investing sustainably – primarily, being able to measure what impact their investments have on the world, today.

This webcast is now on-demand, should you wish to view it:

Landlord and Tenant Update 2020

On 21 October 2020 Alastair Moss, Chairman of the City Corporation Planning and Transportation Committee shared his views with Court Assistant Alistair Subba Row on a number of property related matters facing the City of London and the support it receives from the Surveyors Livery.

You can watch the interview here on YouTube to find out more about the City Plan 2036, new major planning applications, and the proposed City of London Law Courts and new the City Police HQ on Fleet Street. Alastair also touches on plans for the new Museum of London, the proposed new Concert Hall and Smithfield Market’s relocation. The slide PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here:

This interview is part of a series of webinars which are being arranged by the Freeman Group of the Livery. Further details on the Freeman Group can be found here.

The Future of the Workplace

On Wednesday 15th July 2020, the Company hosted a webinar entitled The Future of the Workplace. Hosted by James Young of Cushman & Wakefield, the webinar featured the work of the Cushman & Wakefield team in its survey of over 50,000 people and their attitudes to the workplace since the Covid lockdown had come into place across the world. The keynote presentation was made by Despina Katsikakis, the Head of C&W’s Total Workplace division, and author of the company’s Return to the Workplace protocols.

A panel discussion took place, including guests James Gillett from Savills, Nick Deacon from Nuveen and Will Poole-Wilson from Will+Partners.

You can also view the slides and further information here:

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