7010 (VR) Intelligence Squadron is headquartered at RAF Waddington, working as part of the Intelligence Reserves Wing. Personnel serve at and provide intelligence support to Defence from RAF Wyton. It is one of the RAF’s longest continuously serving reserve units.


Mission Statement
The purpose of 7010 (VR) Squadron is to provide trained IMINT & OPINT personnel to deliver all source analysis in support of Defence output as Individual Augmentees to support operational, routine and training ISR commitments within the UK or overseas, or as members of their respective Flights which have been directed to provide routine support to specific units within Defence.

7010 (VR) Squadron was founded in April 1953 as No. 7010 Flight RAFVR, to provide strategic imagery analysis support to the Royal Air Force. At its peak soon after creation, No. 7010 Flight numbered 500 to 900 officers, most under training.
On 1 April 1997, No. 7010 Flight became 7010 (VR) Photographic Interpretation Squadron RAuxAF with the amalgamation of the RAF Volunteer Reserve with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force. In 2000, the Squadron joined 7006 and 7630 Squadrons in forming HQ Intelligence Reserves, based today at RAF Waddington. With the formation of the Intelligence Reserves Wing in 2017, the Squadron’s name was changed to 7010 (VR) Intelligence Squadron RAuxAF to reflect that its capabilities have expanded beyond IMINT.

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