Property Marketing Awards

The 29th PMA took place on 24 June 2021, hosted by former ITV Economics Editor Daisy McAndrew. The nominated beneficiary was ‘Building People’.

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University Bursaries

The Company runs a life-changing programme of bursaries to help talented students from less advantaged, non-traditional backgrounds to enter real estate. The programme is to create a diverse and inclusive industry by giving financial support and guidance to students whose personal circumstances mean they are unable to attend university.

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Building People

The Building People ‘Network of Networks’ brings together organisations and initiatives that provide built environment careers support to diverse audiences.

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Alderman & Sheriff Alison Gowman Newsletter Download - 226.6Kb
Livery Committee Report – 24 June 2021 Download - 260Kb
Chartered Surveyors’ Bursaries Download - 5.5Mb

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