Court of Assistants

The Company is managed by a Court of Assistants (similar to a board of directors) which is responsible for running the Company.

Our Governance Model


New assistants are elected by the Court for an initial term of five years (renewable).

The Court comprises approximately 28 assistants.

The Master holds the most senior position in the Company (similar to a company chairman) and is supported by at least two Wardens – each holding elected office for one year.

When the Master’s term is over, he/she remains as a member of the Court for a further five years.

The Clerk is the Company’s chief executive officer and together with the Master is the public face of the Company, responsible for PR and interaction with the Mayoralty, the City of London, other Livery Companies and the property profession. He works with the Deputy Clerk who is the chief operating officer and who provides continuity and administrative assistance.

Past Master Digby Flower explains the role of the Company:

The purpose of the Chartered Surveyors’ Company is to contribute to British national life by supporting the property profession and, through its wider charitable activities, to be a force for good in advancing education and helping young people achieve their potential.

The coat of arms is full of symbolism, featuring the golden lions rampant as supporters on each side of the shield, resting on terrestrial globes and each holding the sword of the City of London which has been embellished lower down as a surveyor’s ranging rod.

The shield depicts golden balls (wealth), castellation (building) and the red and white of the ranging rod. The owl at the top is embellished by the griffon wings of the coat of arms of the City of London, is holding scales (justice) in its beak and sits upon a wheatsheaf (perhaps a nod to land surveying). The motto ‘modus ab initio’ translates as ‘method from the outset’.

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