Peter Greenhalgh, Director, Turner & Townsend

Over the last twenty years I have been fortunate enough to work for client, contracting and consulting organisations within the infrastructure sector and have a varied background as a consequence. I have been able to qualify as an engineer, project manager and commercial professional. I ‘found’ the IDBE course whilst looking for a way to combine both professional and academic interests, in addition to broadening my own horizons – and id did not disappoint!

My experiences to date, supported by my work on the IDBE course (Cohort 26), have facilitated an holistic understanding of the challenges facing major projects and programmes, with particular reference to infrastructure. Following completion of the course I continue to work within collaborative delivery models and hope firmly to be able to use my research to produce positive change.

More broadly however, my time on the IDBE course has deeply affected my understanding, behaviours and outlook across myriad areas, from how I view wider systems and complexity, to the food I eat. The scope of the programme is huge and the people I have met have been profoundly influential. As a direct consequence of taking the course I have been able to engage more freely with clients and colleagues across the topic of sustainability and have been able to pass on learning to members of the teams that I lead and work within.

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