135 Geographical Squadron Royal Engineers

September 2022
Battlefield Study, Sicily
Battlefield Studies enable members of the squadron to learn lessons from key battles during historic wars. As well as being a moment of reflection for those lost during wars, tactics can be studied from these major battles and evaluated with a contemporary eye.

October 2022
Technical Training weekend
As a specialist technical squadron, 135 ensures that our Geographic Technician skills do not fade, with some stretching technical tasks to complete. These tasks are realistic examples of what the squadron would be expected to do on operational deployments. The Sqn spent considerable effort evaluating the new technical equipment we are due to receive.

November 2022
Lord Mayor’s Show & Remembrance weekend
The Lord Mayor’s Show dates back to the 13th century and has grown into a spectacular event with hundreds of organisations taking part in the parade. Each year 135 Sqn is honoured to take part in this historic and grand parade. We bring along our mascot, George the Owl, who is a big hit with the crowds.

December 2022
Owl Sustain weekend
Several activities took place over this weekend including briefings on Safety Risk Management, Equipment Care and other activities designed to improve the operational effectiveness of the Sqn and develop unit cohesion. This weekend also held the Squadron Christmas function which significantly raised morale after some stock-keeping and hard work.

January 2023
It is vital to the operational effectiveness of the squadron to ensure all members are deployable on operations. This weekend was a challenging test of military skills with some grim weather to deal with too. These tests are called Individual Training Requirements and are standard across the British Army.

February 2023
Ranges weekend
Marksmanship is a key skill for members of the squadron. This weekend enabled 135 Sqn to hone their marksmanship skills on a live firing range. The CO of 42 Engineer Regiment joined the squadron on the Saturday.

Ex Cockney Carver
Soldiers were in France attending Ski Foundation Courses. This is a great example of the opportunities to stretch and develop mentally and physically in the Army Reserve.

March 2023
Exercise Wheeled Sapper
This weekend enables members of the squadron to take part in various military vehicle driving serials. These include cross country driving in a variety of military vehicles from Land Rovers to 15 tonne trucks, transportation of hazardous materials, and vehicle recovery procedures. All soldiers in 135 Sqn need to be qualified in military driving, this 6 day package provides essential driver training.

Ex Adventure Owl
Soldiers from the squadron are conducting the challenging Rock Climbing Single Pitch Foundation Course for novice climbers in Spain. Soldiers are being introduced to climbing giving thm a solid foundation upon which they can develop.


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